About DoEcoLiving store and project

DoEcoLiving Team

If you like high-quality eco material and care about the environment – then you just made the right decision to visit DoEcoLiving!

We are a Ukrainian-American company that sells wooden toys of the highest quality all over Ukraine and America.  We are a trusted partner of more than 30 000 of clients.

All our products are produced on factories in Ukraine and USA, using only verified eco-material. At our homeland we actually started our trades – but afterwards we decided to be more world-wide and now we present our wooden toys to you!

Our Philosophy

Soil and water pollution, huge landfills and non-recyclable wastes, ozone holes, deforestation….. as a result  we face worldwide global warming. And this is only a part of environmental problems that exist today. Let’s not forget about the increase in earthquakes, hurricanes, rising ocean levels, the greenhouse effect, and so on. It goes without saying that due to human activity in recent centuries the world is spinning out of control …

However, despite all the global changes in nature, we believe that all is not lost!  Let’s face the truth – all humans have been ruthlessly using Earth's resources for many years and this process has led to changes that can destroy everything on the planet.  At the same time, we strive to live in a comfortable and harmonious world with clean air and water, with the bright shining sun without smog in the air. We all want our children to enjoy every season of the year!  How about snow in winter or blooms in the spring…. warm sea in summer and fallen leaves in autumn? Just imagine the world where hurricanes do not destroy our homes, huge forests fill the air with oxygen and city-size landfills no longer exist.

However let’s be realistic! No one can deny the fact that using natural resources is a necessary process. We all need to eat, warm up, use mobile communications, cars and all other modern technologies that make our life comfortable and exciting. Therefore, we will continue to use the earth's resources.

So how can we you get out of this vicious circle?

Part of explanation lies in our everyday behavior and the lifestyle. We need to do everything for harmonious human existence on the Earth. The future of the planet depends on each of us and it’s time for us to take responsibility for it. To make it real we mustn’t beat around the bush – our actions must be concrete and rapid.

Today we strive for saving the planet and we assume responsibility for it. At this point we are initiating first three concrete steps that will help achieve our goal of harmonious life on the Earth.

Every 28th order = 1 new tree

We have to bring back the Earth what we have taken from her, use less-harmful goods and recycle used materials.

We are launching a global campaign that will stop human’s destructive actions against the environment today and will provide us the better place for living tomorrow! For every 28 orders we pledge to buy 1 tree seedling and plant it. Obviously, if you buy our products you will not only enjoy the eco-friendly goods, but you will already help the nature! 

Already 0 trees

Parenting in "eco spirit"

Today we need to change our mindsets to build the bright future, but what about our kids? Just imagine – if we start parenting them in eco spirit today – we won’t need to change their thinking in future! That’s why we offer you eco- friendly safe toys, that provide your children exciting and safe development, great health, and the most significant – a habit of positive attitude to nature. And don’t forget, that after the toy’s life comes to the end it will be recycled to become a part of nature again. Therefore, we carefully select our suppliers to give you reliable environmental products.
We understand that today we all live a fast life that’s why we took care of your everyday comfort.  To save your time DoEcoLiving expands the products range to offer you only proven eco-friendly toys for all ages at one place - from birth of your child and till 16 years!  In addition, don’t forget that playing toys with DoEcoLiving will enhance development of your child not in virtual, but in a real world!

Small step to the big goal

To realize a big dream we need to start doing small steps towards it. Just count - if each of us will take small step today, it will be already 7,000,000,000 steps every day. Your personal each-day activity is 30 actions per month. That is why we are launching a permanent “small step to a big goal” discount program. The main aim is to encourage people to do small eco actions that will help improve the environmental situation and as a bonus – we will provide you discounts on our products.

So what you have to do?

Become a part of a big DoEcoLiving team  - our goal is a small step towards the bright future. Do any activities that will help us save the planet:

  • Recycle the used newspaper
  •  Utilize old batteries in the right way
  •  Become a volunteer to help clean up the city
  •  Plant a tree
  • Recycle old plastic bottles
  • Say no to plastic bags
  • Make bird feeders etc.

Actually the list of your actions can be endless. You can do anything that you think will help us save the planet tomorrow.

Now you will be in our team – but we need your help to gather as many people as possible.  Social networks will help us in it!

Instagram activity: 

Make the photo of your little step, post it in your insta stories with the hashtag  #ecosmallstepchallenge and mark our page @doecoliving 

Facebook activity:

Make the photo of your little step, post it at your Facebook page with mark of our page @DoEcoLiving.

As a reward for your good actions we will send you a 10% discount promo code for all products at DoEcoLiving! 

Together, we can save our planet from an environmental disaster.
Help us preserve nature today and give our next generations a chance to live on a planet with a great future…