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Best ways to raise a smart child

12:00 am Oct 7, 2020
5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Raise A Smart Child

Looking for a way to make your child smarter?  Here are some simple activities that will improve your child's intellectual development.

  1. Spend more time outdoors

Sports training are extremely beneficial for children, but it is equally important to give children time for spontaneous play. Scientific Research has shown that spontaneous play is an integral part of a child's social skill development. It doesn't matter if the kids build a snow slide, play tag games for hours with friends, or go to the park with you. Their communication with other kids contributes to the development of the vital prefrontal cortex of the brain, which will be activated throughout later life in situations of social interaction.

  1. Allow children to play video games

You don’t need to worry if children have to stay home on a rainy day or dark winter evening and play some video games. Of course, limiting the time spent on the computer is very important, but many researchers on the intellectual development of children (including Sherrill Olson, M.D.) believe that video games (even those that do not have educational purposes) can provide invaluable benefits for the development of children. Video games challenge children and give them a rare sense of independence in everything from logic puzzles and creative expression to social networking with friends based on common interests.  But you must limit such games in time.

  1. Sleep time must be a habit

Your child’s sleep time must be regular and similar – they must go to sleep and wake up at the same time. If your child doesn’t get regular sleep it leads to a lack of sleep. As the result your child's health will suffer, which, unfortunately, happens quite often. Today 20-25% of school-age children do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep negatively affects their ability to concentrate and as well as the ability to focus on what is happening round them. According to the Canadian National Sleep Foundation, children in ages of 6-13years require 9-11 hours of sleep, while for adolescents, 8-10 hours of daily sleep is optimal.

  1. Try to get your child interested in music.

Has your child ever shown an interest in music? If not, you should gently nudge him in that direction. Scientists at Northwestern University (USA) have found a link between music and academic performance in almost all subjects. According to scientists, the main factor is the child's active participation in music lessons. If children are not interested in what is happening and do not improvise in class, they miss out on many of the positive aspects of the class. Try talking to your child about joining a school group, choir or orchestra, or discuss individual music lessons if he or she has shown interest.

   Children who study and write music themselves acquire the ability to “neurophysiological recognition” as they have to pick up on subtle differences between sounds. Many children, showing active attention to sounds and playing music, significantly improved their academic performance, which is an indicator of mental development both at school and during the subsequent passing of standard exams and tests.

 In addition, music lessons help in the formation and development of emotional intelligence in children, without which intellectual development cannot be considered complete.

  1. Emphasize the need to put in effort and work hard

 After decades of researching motivation and intelligence, Stanford University's Carol S. Dweck has come to the conclusion that instructing children to make an effort and work hard has long-term positive effects on their intelligence. She argues that parental praise for "talent" and "giftedness" is associated in children with the right to success and deprives them of motivation. Conversely, if you praise your child for finding a solution to a problem or solving a difficult task, he will understand that perseverance leads to positive results and that success is rarely easy. And this knowledge will be very useful to him when he grows up.

You may notice that many of the activities suggested in this article help your child not only in school. Create a method that works for both you and your child. And most importantly, do not forget that IQ is not the only indicator of future success.

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