Time for good news - HABA board games are now available

10 April 2020, Fr
DoEcoLiving has widen product range - meet HABA brand

Board games are probably one of the oldest type of games known. They are adored by people of all ages – from little kids to the adults. And it’s understandable since the board game is able to give us exciting time with our friends, kids or our family.

Today the range of board games is very wide and it’s very hard to choose the right own. To make it easier we already did it for you.

Time to meet HABA board games

Today DoEcoLiving is happy to present you the best eco-friendly brand of board games and toys – the German HABA brand.

Haba board games are intended for children and adults.  The range of ages starts from 2 years and up to 14+. In some games the manufactures even writes the age up to 99 years!  All games are colorful and nice for your eye, but environmentally friendly at the same time. All games elements are made from natural material. They even use wooden dices and figures. At the same time they are all educational. Little ones can study colors, letters and shapes and the adults can practice their deduction, imagination, logical thinking and many other skills.

HABA board games will be the perfect fit for children's parties, adult game nights, just a nice family evening or your little gameplay time with your toddler or preschooler. They can be used as a re-union time that is actually very relevant today during quarantine and stay at home time.

The HABA brand is already known all over the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. They proved their quality that meets all European and American standards.

Don’t wait – it’s shopping time

Time to buy absolutely safe, eco-friendly and exciting board game for your child or even for yourself at DoEcoLiving! We always widen our range for your comfort shopping at one place!

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