Time for good news - Le Toy Van eco toys are now available

19 March 2020, Th
DoEcoLiving has widen product range - meet Le Toy Van brand

We have great news. Our online store DoEcoLiving works for you and tries to widen our range. We understand that our kids love to have new toys and it’s very significant to offer them new, exciting but safe and eco-friendly toys at the same time.

So it's time to tell you the news

Today we are happy to present you Le Toy Van Company!  This is absolutely eco-friendly brand. All the toys are made of natural material and fuelled purely by imagination, designed to bring magic into little one’s world.

Little bit of history

The Company was founded in 1995 and since then they have won over 50 awards for aspects of their design, quality, safety, play and educational value.

All the toys are manufactures in United Kingdom and then sold all over the world. The brand became one of the most famous and trusted manufacturers of traditional wooden toys in the world. Beautiful, fully decorated wooden doll houses, doll furniture, dolls, castles, pirate ships, cars and various themed play sets were loved by parents and their children in Europe, America and Australia.

Starting from today – you can buy their best eco products at DoEcoLiving. Don’t wait – it’s time for sustainable play!

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All our kids need our help in the development. But often we also need some helpers to do it. Great example of such toy helper will be Le Toy Van Activity Cube. 

Petilou Sensory Shapes – Le Toy Van
- 15 %
$ 39.95

Watching how every day your little kid learns the secrets of the world, smiles at a new day and new friends, opens his heart to miracles -  is probably the greatest happiness in life of every parent.

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