Dolls house – play and develop at the same time

31 July 2020, Fr
Doll houses as a great developmental toy

In the modern world, the number of children's toys is simply huge. Among these toys there are just for fun, and there are educational and developmental toys.  Many people wonder what a dollhouse is for and what role it plays in the development of a child.

All advantages of a doll house

It should be noted that the dollhouse is an irreplaceable toy for the development of both girls and boys.

The main function of the dolls house is educational. Any parent can use this wooden toy as an example to explain to his little kid the arrangement of the house and acquaint him with pieces of doll house furniture.

Also, with the help of such a great eco-friendly toy, you can play a memory game. This way the child himself learns how to arrange furniture in the house and explain his choice. It is very important for the child to enjoy playing with the dollhouse, so you should avoid burdening him with unnecessary information during the game. You can also invite your kid to settle his little toys in the house, and also ask who he would like to see in his big, real house.

Playing with small items of the home interior the child develops his fine motor skills, which has a positive effect on his development. Also, in the process of playing with the dollhouse, you can invite the child to play with the inhabitants of the house by putting them to bed, washing, feeding, etc. This process helps the child express new thoughts and associations. In this way a child develops very fast and this is very important and useful, especially at a young age.

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