Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Decorations

08 January 2020, We
Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Decorations

Every year when it comes to winter Holiday Season each of us is filled with the expectation of a miracle of Christmas and New Year's Eve. And it doesn’t matter how old we are – the belief never leaves us!  For some this holiday is associated with a bearded Santa, for others - with cracker fireworks and noisy feasts in a family company, for others - intriguing gifts under the Christmas tree. But, unfortunately, almost any human activity damages nature - especially such massive actions, after which there is a lot of garbage. Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, disposable tableware, many gifts immediately fly to the landfill, leaving behind a centuries-old mark in nature. What to do if you do not want to break your favorite traditions and abandon your favorite celebration? Toda y we decided to offer you a nice option for creating a holiday spirit in the style of "eco" with the least damage to nature and with the greatest manifestation of creativity! Will we try?

First of all Christmas tree – if you use the fake re-usable one it will serve you for many years and you will save many trees!

Wreaths, Christmas decorations and various decorative elements for the home will also help in creating a festive mood. They can also be made independently from improvised means and used repeatedly:

Today we offer you a nice idea of Christmas tree toys.

What you need:

  1. Slices of dry oranges
  2. Cinnamon sticks.
  3. Star anise.
  4. Coffee beans.
  5. Any dry berries.
  6. Glue gun.
  7. Thin natural rope.

All you need is to glues decorations of coffee beans, berries, cinnamon and anise with the help of glue gun on the dry orange slices. After it will dry please make a little whole on the top of your future toy. Insert a rope in the whole and make a nice bow that will be used to hang the deco on your Christmas tree!

Just an hour of work and you have an unusual decor for the holiday! Finally, a few more tips for an eco-friendly festival:

  • Do not buy unwanted gifts and do not wrap them in packaging;
  • It is not necessary to buy new clothes for carnival costumes - you can update the old one;
  • Do not cook excess food to be thrown away;
  • Do not forget about the separate collection of waste after the holiday and try not to use disposable plastic dishes - you can surprise guests with edible dishes instead!

Start the Holiday Season and a New Year new from care about our Planet and then it will take care of you!

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