Eco Friendly Parenting as a Plan of Bright Future for Our Kids

08 February 2020, Sa
Eco Friendly Parenting as a Plan of Bright Future for Our Kids

Nowadays we all hear a lot about ecology issues. It became very popular. But ecology is not only a fashionable trend, but also the only type of thinking acceptable in modern life.  Many parents would like to change the thinking of their children right from the start. We all want our kids to be aware of environment, care about natural resource consumption, animals and plants. Let’s think what can parents do for this?

Nature respect is #1 issue

First of all you need to explain your kid that nature is on the first place. Teach them to respect it –that it’s bad to tears leaves or plants. Actually you cab turn their interest to plant into another side. What bout planting something together in the back yard? It will be a great nature lesson and a fascinating gameplay at the same time.

Support child’s curiosity

Interest in the environment and science can be maintained on a fairly regular basis if you subscribe your child to one of the children's monthly magazines. The pleasure of finding in the mailbox (in the present, not electronic) a personal copy of a brand new color and cognitive magazine will foster the child’s interest in its contents.

Create eco-friendly surrounding

Make sure that your child in everyday life is surrounded by natural materials such as wooden toys, eco cotton toys, natural textures, handmade items, including clothes and furniture. Read folk tales to children. They always have stories in which the relationship of man and nature comes to the fore. If you purchase a book with beautiful pictures then you will also follow the program at least in the initial aesthetic education of the child. For older children you can buy a good encyclopedia.

Start from yourself!

Nothing and nobody can influence the development of your children like your own example. If you didn’t have any useful, environmental habits then start developing them right now! You can actually unite in your new lifestyle with your child, explaining along the way what and why. Turn off unnecessary electrical appliances, wasting light in the rooms, separate waste, say no to plastic bags and many other good habits. And just imagine how proud our kids will be in future when they will understand that they enjoy living in modern world due to right eco-spirit parenting in the past.

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