Advantages of drawing with finger paints

14 June 2020, Su
Finger paints as an important game in every childhood

If your baby reached the age of 2 years then it's time to try finger paints. All psychologists unanimously praise this brilliant invention. After all, drawing with finger paints is extremely useful for the development of the child.

Why is it useful todraw with finger paints

Many will ask how we can teach drawing in such an early age. But you need to understand that the purpose of this lesson is not to teach the kid to draw. By giving finger paints to a child, you give them the opportunity to express themselves.  Just let you child draw specific objects, he will transfer his feelings to paper, for example, instead of his mother, he will draw his love for her, instead of the sea, and he will depict feelings of lightness and weightlessness.

In addition, finger paints develop fine motor skills well, which affects not only the baby’s ability to use their pens, but also contributes to the development of speech. How? The fact is that the center is responsible for movements is located in the cerebral cortex very close to the speech center, and when the first one begins to work, it forces the second one to work.

Playing with finger paints are a good reflex massage. On the palms are certain points that are associated with all organs of the body. By massaging these points, one can achieve an improvement in the state of the body as a whole.

By drawing, the kid learns to build a “causal” relationship, learns to think logically. So, he notices that after swiping a finger across a white sheet, interesting “squiggles” appear on it.

With the help of finger paints, the child gets an idea of ​​what color is, what colors are, and also that mixing two different paints you can get a completely new color. It contributes to the early development of creative abilities. Not because the kid learns to draw, but because he learns to express himself, to convey his feelings and impressions.

Exciting world that finger paints can bring to your child

And finally, having arranged a tiny painting session, you just give him and yourself great pleasure! After all, young children love new games so much and if suddenly they are also allowed to "stain" the paper and everything around - a storm of delight is guaranteed! 

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