Nature's response to our lifestyle

13 April 2020, Mo
Global World Changes

Today the world is totally changing. Many people have to stay at home due to world pandemic. We all try to understand why the virus appeared. But maybe it’s time to think globally.

Global changes as a result of our living

Don’t you think that a pandemic and the economic crisis are the "response of nature" to ignoring humanity's environmental problems?  How many years we used all nature resources and never thought about the environment... We are the ones who caused global warming, air pollution, soil and water pollution etc. As the result the nature had to turn everything upside down to make us think. Yes. It’s just the right time to think about the bright future. The pandemic is a great opportunity to reassess environmental priorities and lifestyles.

Just look around

During the COVID-19 epidemic we started to see many changes in nature. How glad were people that the water in the canals of Venice became cleaner. Due to the decline in production and a decrease in the number of trips, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. Experts predict that this could lead to the first noticeable drop in global emissions after the financial crisis of 2008-2009. One way or another, coronavirus did have a positive effect on the environment. 

Let’s not stay apart. This quarantine is a great opportunity for us to make changes in our habits and way of living. If everyone will make little steps towards the bright future then we will be able to make global changes in the environment. The nature serves us every day and now it’s our turn to hear her!

 It’s time to Do Eco Living together!


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