HowT to Care for 3D Wooden Puzzles

18 February 2020, Tu
HowT to Care for 3D Wooden Puzzles

We all adore wooden toys. They even often become family heirlooms, especially such toys as wooden 3D mechanical puzzles. Such toys are handmade by us so they mean a lot for every person who assembled it. However, such eco toys can easily be destroyed if the owner does not take proper care of it. Caring for a wooden toy depends on the purpose of use. Some buy eco-toys for their children to play with, while others buy them as collectibles. Caring for a wooden toy generally entails cleaning it and keeping it in good shape.

Cleaning of 3d wooden puzzles

Dust removal is the first cleaning step. Since our 3D puzzles are unpainted the best way to do it will be to use a damp sponge or a lint-free cloth to wipe the toy. Remember – never immerse the toy in water or a water-based solution. The toy just needs to be wiped and dried with a dry, lint-free cloth, and then left to dry in the air to remove any remaining moisture.

Everyday care for wooden puzzles

Besides general cleaning there are daily practices in caring for a wooden toy. Do not leave 3D puzzles exposed to direct sunlight or moisture for any significant period of time. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity will have a devastating effect on wood. This can lead to cracks, deformation, swelling from moisture, or the natural shine may disappear.

If you take into account all DoEcoLiving recommendations then the life of 3d wooden puzzle can last for ages. It can even become a toy that can be passed from generation to generation.

Let’s care about environmentally friendly toys in the right way to give them a great life!

DoEcoLiving Expert

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