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Independence Day Eco Gifts

12:00 am June 29, 2022
Independence Day is Near - Just the Right Time for Eco Gifts

On July 4 we celebrate Independence Day. It is a national holiday of the whole country, of all the patriots and people who are not indifferent to the destiny of the USA. 

Our country has a complex and heroic history of gaining its independence. How many poets and writers have sung about the beauty of their land in their unforgettable works! And how many lives have been lost for the honor and independence of our country! All these people loved their country and their native language, and their hearts were called to serve the people.

Independence Day is a holiday for all Americans.  And the national anthem is sung throughout the country - in the west and east, and in the north and south. This holiday unites everyone around one idea - the development of the country!

Best presents ideas

On Independence Day, it is nice to give each other and our children some little presents.  Doecoliving offers you the best ideas for Independence Day gifts and toys such as Ugears 3D puzzles for teenagers and grownups or Cubika toys for the little ones. Buying such gifts is very symbolic since they are Ukrainian and every your order will support Ukraine - the country that fights for its Independence today.

It’s time to prepare for celebration and order the best Ukrainian toys at Doecoliving!

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Wooden clock constructor from Company Cubika is a unique pyramid that needs to be assembled from horizontal bars of different colors. Every bar has one or two numbers. This toy will become an excellent guide to getting to know the time. All elements are made of natural wood and perfectly polished.


Out of stock

Like other Ugears models, this one is made of ecological plywood. Pre-cut wooden pieces are assembled without the use of glue or special tools. It’s entertainment for all the family to enjoy. Although this Nativity Scene setting is clearly not going to get up and jump or whizz around, which some other Ugears models are capable of, there are several moving parts to liven up the scene! If you rotate the elements at the sides of the model, you will put the gears in motion. The moving star at the top of the model and the moving gears in the background will enhance the atmosphere of peace and beauty which many of us want to experience around this holy celebration!


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Shaped like a cube, this model features whimsical fantasy ornaments on the sides and is made of natural eco-friendly wood. Its assembly doesn’t require the use of glue. With its two sides sliding open, Dice Keeper is designed to accommodate 8 dice in a compact and elegant manner. This set’s key feature is, however, is the mechanism inside the cube that keeps each dice in its slot while keeping the sides of the cube firmly shut.


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Every child will love this cute fish toy. After all it’s a push and pull toy so it can be taken anywhere he goes. The model has bright elements for sure every child will like.

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