Happy to introduce you DoEcoLiving co-owner Yuri
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Meet DoEcoLiving co-owner Yuri

12:00 am Sept 21, 2020
It's time to introduce DoEcoLiving team - meet our co-owner Yurii

Hi guys! I'm Yurii. I am a co-owner of DoEcoLiving. I have a wonderful wife who gave birth to our 4 perfect children. As a parent, I understand how important it is to give children safe and environmentally friendly toys.

Once I spend a lot of time wondering all over the web to find nice eco-friendly toys for my kids. I had to order them from different places and it was so inconvenient. That evening the idea of DoEcoLiving eco-toys store came up on my mind. I thought that it would be great to offer parents all kinds of eco-friendly toys for any ages at one place.  

At the same time I have a dream - a harmonious life for people on Earth. I understand that to make it come true we all need to do some efforts toward it. That's why together with eco-toys store we launched our ecology project at DoEcoLiving. I think my team is doing a great job. Join our project - I'll be glad to do great things together!

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