Great ideas how to diversify your stay at home time

24 March 2020, Tu
It's time to turn our quarantine time into special moments of family reunion

Today many schools and daycare are closed due to epidemic of Coronavirus. So many of the parents faced the problem of children’s entertainment.

We all understand that our children don’t react to all news and world changes as we do and sometimes it’s very hard to explain that they have to stay at home especially if we talk about toddlers and preschoolers.

Today DoEcoLiving had prepared some advises for you and your kid’s entertainment during your #Quarantinelife.

  1. Create a special day schedule for time of quarantine. You can even do it together with you kids – it’s will be a kind of gameplay. Use colorful crayons or eco-paint to make it colorful and interesting. And make sure that you mentioned very significant hygienic issues. 

  2. Join your kid into any possible housework. Just imagine how excited you little preschooler will be while helping you in cleaning or cooking.

  3. Buy online (it’s actually the safest way of buy nowadays since you can take off the cover and get absolutely safe product) any possible games and toys that can be played together. What about assembling 3d puzzle together, or drawing or playing board games. You can actually turn the stay at home time into family reunion.

  4. Let’s now forget about interesting books and fairy tales – believe your child will adore listening you read them.

We all understand that now we face difficult times, but let’s try to face them with as more benefits as can be. It’s time for family talks, nice evenings near the fireplace and exciting family gameplay.

Let’s turn our #stayathome time into special moments of family reunion! Stay safe and be healthy!

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