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12 July 2020, Su
Montessori education for your kids

One of the most popular development systems in many countries of the world is the technique of a talented Italian teacher and Doctor Maria Montessori. It is based on the child's independent study of the world. Maria Montessori considered self-realization to be the main task. She knew that if a child has no opportunity to act, he will never know himself and his abilities.

First Montessori System and School Facts

The first Montessori school was opened by Mrs. Montessori on January 6, 1907 in Rome. Methods based on work experience at this school were successfully developed and still remain popular in many countries.

Freedom and individual approach – these are two main criteria of Montessori system, but at the same time they perfectly unite with an exciting game and serious work at the same time.  Mrs. Montessori called her pedagogical methodology a system of "independent development of the child in a didactically prepared environment."

In order for the child to educate himself the system created a developing environment and the necessary conditions. There are no uniform requirements and training programs in this system. Each child works at his own pace and deals only with what is interesting to him. Maria Montessori did not admit that children can be compared and evaluated, however, as well as encouraged, punished and forced. Her method is based on the fact that every child strives for self-development, and he can achieve this only by learning and gaining life experience. At the same time, the task of parents and teachers is to stimulate little fidgets to self-education, to help realize their own nature, organize their activities and go their own unique way.

Without a doubt, parents seeking to develop and instill in their child analytical thinking, logic and fine motor skills from an early age have heard about this method. But most importantly, Montessori students are far ahead of their peers: they are more independent, curious and have innovative thinking.

Montessori toys implement on child's development 

Montessori development implies that a child learns, primarily playing with objects. There is a wide range of Montessori toys. At DoEcoLiving online store you can find educational toys and materials made in accordance with the best traditions of this technique. Great example is LTV rainbow toy or classic Haba building blocks.  Only best Montessori toys presented in our catalog allow you to acquire various skills of your kids. Just the right time to check them out.

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