Advantages of playing mosaic games

12 May 2020, Tu
Mosaic as an important game in every childhood

Many parents remember how they spend hours of their childhood playing mosaics. As the result they start buying it for their kids. Today we decided to analyze – is it right to give your beloved child mosaic games and what should it be like.

Why is it useful to play mosaic?

Firstly, all mosaic games train child’s fine motor skills and this directly affects the active development of speech. Secondly, the baby develops a sense of purpose and independence in decision-making. Finally, the limitless possibilities of mosaics positively affect the artistic taste of the child and contribute to the development of fantasy. This is not just a set of colored chips that can be freely placed on the field. These are special means of understanding the world.

Mosaic for any age

The range of mosaic games is very wide and today we can find them even for toddlers.  Such mosaic is big in size for your baby’s safety. However, at this age, children are more likely to be interested not in creating some picture, but in how the pieces are connected and what color they are. Well, this is also a developmental activity.

From about age of 3 years old, the child has an interest in creating and it’s just the right time to offer him special mosaics that can be united into any picture. It can be either the one that he will see on the scheme or even his own one. But at the same time you need to make the safe choice. The best decision here will be wooden mosaic that are natural and eco-friendly. That way your child’s gameplay will be safe. Good example of such mosaic game will be – Wooden Pixels from Cubika brand.  You can create almost anything out of them. It doesn’t limit baby’s imagination.  At the same time there is a good range of different models that will fit boys and girls.  

The most “mosaic-active” age comes from about 4-6 years. And it’s actually a great way to prepare you little preschooler for school. It will help your child reach many goals:

  • Checking the pattern with the sample help improve attention
  • Counting the number of pieces help improve math skills
  • Using different colors that are needed to assemble the picture improves color skills.
It is important that the child’s play environment is as diverse as possible. And wooden mosaic games are very useful if they correspond to the interests of the baby and the tasks of development at his age. And your responsibility as parents is to choose the safe and eco-friendly ones. That way you will organize useful, educational, developmental and safe gameplay at once! If you still think – just visit our Eco Toys Catalog and you will find what you need! DoEcoLiving always offers the best solutions for your convenience.  

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