Best tips to raise an eco-conscious child

12:00 am Aug 27, 2020
Time to start eco-parenting

We all dream about living on a great green planet.  To make it come true we need to understand that the future of our grandchildren depends on how we parent our children today. And the only way to reach the goal is to rise then in eco-spirit.

Time to start eco-friendly parenting 

Today we want to offer you nice eco-parenting tips that will help you in it! If you try to follow them you will be suprised, but in a meantime your life will start to change. 

Use cloth nappies

Just think about an interesting fact – every child till the age of 2 years uses over 7000 nappies. Yes, it’s a horrible number. And did you know that disposable nappies take up to 500 years to decompose. Just imagine! It’s absolutely horrible for both our planet and for our children. Anything so unnatural can’t be good for our babies.

Walk as much as you can

Show your little child a great example. Don’t drive – walk or ride a bicycle. Show them that you care about the pollution. At the same time during such walks you can talk to your little ones and explain how this type of movement helps improve both health and our planet.

Buy only eco-friendly toys

Toys play an important part in the development of our kids. So it's very important to buy only safe, high quality and eco-friendly ones.

You can actually make your choice is any type that you want:

  • First of all toys made from natural materials. They are absolutely safe for your child. At the same time they are simpler so they help kids to develop imagination, cognitive and problem-solving skills. The natural textures of such toys stimulate the child’s senses as they invite them to touch, feel and explore.  
  • Second way is 100% recycled toys. Great Idea is Green Toys – they are made of 100% recycled milk jugs that are the safest plastic in the world. At the same time just think how many millions of milk jugs are removed from landfill this way.

Shop eco-friendly

Always thinks about the quality of food and cloth that you buy and where you buy it. Try to shop in markets and boutiques.  Organic food will be your best choice since organic plants growing saves our earth from chemicals and pesticides and keeps you away from allergies and other diseases.

Try to buy high quality clothing from eco material. And always remember – purchase only as much as your baby will need. Stop those 50-dress outs.  Also you can find a lot of great stuff in charity stores that both save your money and production of new goods.

Try to waste less and recycle more

Just for a moment think about how many products that we buy we simply waste. Try to organize your shopping properly – buy only food that can be used without waste. And don’t forget to recycle as much as you can. And it actually concerns not only your separate recycling bins.

How about sharing your clothing and toys with others. Don’t throw them away – somebody really needs them.

To cut a long story short I can tell you one thing. If each of us will try to do little good things today we will be able to save our planet tomorrow and help our children to change their mindsets. Remember it and you will see how the word will start to change! Let’s Do Eco Living together! 

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