Let's celebrate eco holidays in summer

18 June 2020, Th
Tips for eco holidays in June and July

Time for eco holidays celebration  

We all love to celebrate holidays. Last weekend was the Flag Day and next month we will celebrate Independence Day. Then autumn with our favorite Halloween and Thanksgiving Day and just a little bit and Christmas is here. 

All these holidays bring unforgettable spirit into our houses.

Top eco holidays in summer 

Today we offer you the list of ecology summer holidays in June adn July. The material was prepared from Wikipedia.  
World Environment Day 06-05: June 5
World Oceans Day 06-08: June 8
Coral Triangle Day 06-09: June 9
National Cougar Day 06-12: June 12
Global Wind Day 06-15: June 15
World Sea Turtle Day 06-16: June 16
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 06-17: June 17
World Croc Day[63] 06-17: June 17
World Giraffe Day[64][65][66] 06-21: June 21
International Climate Change Day 06-21: June 21
World Camel Day 06-22: June 22
World Rainforest Day 06-22: June 22
World Population Day 07-11: July 11
Shark Awareness Day 07-14: July 14
World Chimpanzee Day 07-14: July 14
World Nature Conservation Day 07-28: July 28
International Tiger Day 07-29: July 29

Don't forget about this list and try to do at least some little steps to the big goal during every holiday. It will be the best way of celebration. 

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