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Best toys gift ideas for a 2 year old kid

12:00 am Sept 28, 2020
Top 5 gift ideas for a 2 year old

Two years is the first conscious age when your child starts to understand what’s going on around him. At the same time at the age of 2 years a child often does not have clear preferences for what he wants to get. Therefore, parents have a lot of options for a presents. You’re the one to make the choice and it’s better to buy something that will be a good benefit for the baby. Good examples are developmental toys for creativity or active games.

All children at the age of 2 simply adore everything what moves, needs to be assembled and can be disassembled, spins, drives and makes some sounds. Today we prepared a review of the most popular gifts for babies in the age of 2yo. Here you will find the answers to what to give a child for 2 years and save your time on a long search.

List of Top 5 gifts for a 2 year old:

  1. Sorter – one of the most popular toys among kids. It’s fascinating and developmental at the same time. They are different types – everything depends on what your child likes. It can be a perfect bird house to study figures of Noah’s ark sorter if you kid loves animals.

  2. Building blocks – these toys also gained its popularity among kids. It also has few variants. It can be education like ABC wooden blocks to study letters and numbers or it can be simply different shaped blocks like HABA blocks or Cubika fabulous city. Such blocks will be very helpful to develop fantasy since your LOL’s can build anything they want.

  3. Push and pull toys – great idea of the toy that can be taken anywhere your child goes. You can chose any kind you want, but we give you a nice idea – chose the animal push and pull toys such as Cubika Fish or Happy Bunny. Such toys for sure will be first best friend for any boy or girl.

  4. Montessori toys – probably one of the most popular educational toys of nowadays. Many parents understand how important it is to educate and parent their kids in the right way. Montessori toys are just about it – they both give your child an opportunity to develop and play at the same time. At our web you will be able to find different Montessori toys from Haba, Cubika and Le Toy Van brands. Depending on type they can spin, be assembled and disassembled, make some sounds and much more.

  5. Toy sets – great idea for any child. Today such toys are very popular. For a boy a perfect choice will be a tool set and for girl a cupcake set. Or you can buy a doctor’s set that will fir both boys and girls.

We hope that our review gave you nice ideas of gifts for your little ones and saved your time. Time to buy best eco-friendly toys for your kids at DoEcoLiving!

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