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Time for Christmas presents

12:00 am Dec 14, 2020
Tricks to chose a Christmas gift

Christmas for a child is not just another holiday, but a real fairy tale and magic. Just in a month till Christmas children begin to cross out the days on the calendar in anticipation of miracles. At the same time, an important, responsible mission falls on the parents - to create that very fairy tale for their little dreamers, which they expect so much. The best helper here is a great Christmas gift.  So every parent ask themselves questions about what is so unusual to please a child, what presents to buy for children of friends and relatives.

DoEcoLiving prepared some of the best Christmas gift ideas depending on age.

  1. From birth to 1 year old. If the first 6 months children are not interested in toys, then from 7-8 months their hands are already reaching for beautiful, unusual things. For children who are almost a year old it’s cool to present educational toys, teething toys, plush toys or bed mobiles.
  2. Toddlers from 1 to 3 years old. At this age, children receive their first mindful toys. Pay attention to the push and pull toys, sorters, active cubes, building blocks and different towers and cars.
  3. Children from 3 to 6 years old. We turn to garages, doll houses and any other role playing games. Because this is a period of increased activity of children, which they just need to put somewhere. And your presents will help to cope with this.
  4. Guys 6-10 years old. The period when children already follow what is in trend and what is stylish. At the same time they start to think a lot so it’s great time to add construction sets and board games. There will be no limit to their joy.
  5. Age over 10 years. Teenagers no longer need children's toys, because they consider themselves adults, serious personalities. You can choose modern gadgets, construction models, 3d mechanical puzzles, building bricks sets or adult board games. The main thing is that they are interested in it.

It is much easier to find a surprise for your own child than for the children of relatives and friends. But even this can be dealt with if you know our few tricks. Have a great Holiday Season!


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