Eco-cotton - what is it - extra costs or benefits for man and nature?

27 April 2020, Mo
What you need to know about eco-cotton

To care for nature people began to grow organic eco cotton. But when we hear such type of cotton we probably think - what is it?  DoEcoLiving decided to explain this issue in details.

Organic eco cotton is fibers made without the use of chemicals. They are grown using technologies that do not harm nature and humans. There are very few organic cotton fields, but their number is growing rapidly. For now Egypt is the leader of growing such type of cotton.

Features of production

So let’s study how eco cotton differs from the simple one by the method of cultivation:

  • There are no any chemical fertilizers used during cultivation. In the fields there is strict control with certain criteria. The number of such biological farms is only 0.1% of the total volume of cotton fields. To get rid of pests only natural aromatic means are used: a composition of soap, chili and garlic. Only ecologically clean areas are suitable for planting seeds.
  • Crop rotation is observed - on one plot of land several types of plants are grown. This contributes to the natural renewal of the soil. Only natural fertilizers are used - manure, compost. This helps to maintain the quality of the earth and saturates the plant with all the nutrients. Fibers do not accumulate pesticides, insecticides, heavy and harmful metals.
  • The weeds are moved away only by hand. Collecting is also done by human efforts.
  • Such cotton is cleaner and there are no pieces of leaves in it. Genetically modified seeds are not used. Solar panels and water-saving irrigation methods are used.

Only compliance with all these conditions allows the producer to indicate organic cotton on the tag. If any part of the process has been violated, the label will read fair trade. It confirms the partial quality of the material.

Description and properties

Organic cotton is suitable for people with delicate skin, for allergic people and for children. Ordinary cotton sometimes causes allergic reactions. When processing organic fiber webs, hazardous dyes and harmful chlorine-based bleaches are not used. For dyeing materials, natural dyes of light colors are used.

The eco cotton is stronger than regular one. It will last longer. It withstands up to 100 washes without changes and only after that it begins to collapse. Ordinary cotton loses its structure after 5 washes. Breathability is 10% better. The material is softer and tenderer, more pleasant to the body.

Organic eco-cotton is a completely safe product for humans and the environment.  When you buy for example toys from eco-cotton you contribute to the conservation of nature and preserve the health of your loved ones.

DoEcoLiving Expert 

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