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12:00 am Aug 12, 2020
Let's chose the right place to buy Ugears puzzles

Constructors have always been popular. Everyone loves them - both children and adults. Just imagine how cool it is – you can build your own zoo with animals or a dream car!  Today the range of constructors is very wide and the cost differs a lot.  Here at DoEcoLiving we totally adore to spend our time out of work while assembling the best wooden puzzles from Ugears Company.

Ugears puzzle - what is it?

This is a very unusual construction set that will perfectly fit both a child and an adult. These wood puzzles appeared only in 2014 thanks to the idea of one Ukrainian guy Denis Okhrimenko.  Actually he started his business just on his own. He did everything by hands. He packed the boxes in his kitchen using a simple hair dryer.

Today the team counts more than 100 people. At the very beginning, the models were sold in single editions, but today they are sold in thousands all over the world.

As for the idea of a new model, it takes several months to develop one 3D mechanical puzzle. All parts are made of three-layer plywood with a thickness of 3.5-3.7 mm. Parts are cut with a laser, which ensures the required precision. The time for assembling the puzzle is from 20 minutes to several hours. It all depends on the number of pieces in the puzzle - there are at least 5, maximum 500.

Models are not painted so that the smell of wood and wood texture remains, which creates a lamp-like effect.

Ugears puzzle - where is the best palce to buy them

Where to buy Ugears puzzles?

Today Ugears wood models can be found in many online and brick and mortar toy stores. The prices can differ from one place to another. But how must we make the right choice and find the right place to buy Ugears puzzles.

We have the answer – of course buy best mechanical models at DoEcoLiving. We are an official wholesale distributor of the Ugears Company in the USA. So you can be sure that the price will be honest. At the same time don’t forget that when you buy eco-friendly puzzles at our online toys store you do good things together with us. Every 28th buy will become a tree in future. Let’s save our planet together! 

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