Advantages of playing doctor role game

21 May 2020, Th
Why kids love to play doctor role game?

Very often we watch our children play the role games. One of the most wide-spread is a doctor’s game. To play it today there is a very wide range of toys. But let’s figure out why our little pumpkins love to play a doctor so much.

By repeating the actions of adults the kids gain personal experience of behavior in certain domestic situations. At the same time they are included in the fascinating process of cognition of the world. There comes a time when copying parents and close relatives becomes less interesting. At this point kids start to play roles that correspond to the well-known professions.

But why doctor game?

We all know that our kids have to deal with doctors and trips to the hospital. One way or another they have to visit them quite often - both during illness and during routine examinations, vaccinations etc. So it’s absolutely natural that a child starts to copy the doctor.

During such a game of doctoring a child can not only “cure” his or her favorite toy or parents, but also get much more benefit from that process. Any child is afraid of the unknown, especially before going to the clinic. So it’s our responsibility to create a play environment explaining what and how everything is happening. For example, when visiting a dentist or during vaccination, using the doctor’s baby kits, then the baby will be much calmer to be a patient at the doctor’s appointment. And vice versa, after a visit to the doctor it is useful for the child to express his impressions in a playful way - perhaps he will want to take care of the patient and choose reassuring words.

This is how the adaptation and socialization of the child occurs during a simple and exciting game.

Just look over all the advantages of doctor’s playing set:

  • Development of social, everyday skills.
  • Adaptation to the processes that takes place at the doctor’s appointment.
  • It helps to overcome fears.
  • The vocabulary of the child expands.
  • Development of imagination.
  • The possibility of manifestation, development of emotions.
  • Fine motor skills training, this entails the development of speech.

So if your child still doesn’t have a doctor’s set – it’s just a right time to buy it. Only pay attention to its safety. The best choice would be an eco-friendly set – such is presented by Le Toy Van brand at our online store DoEcoLiving. It’s time to shop!

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Kids love a variety of role-playing games, which are not only interesting, but also useful. Such amusements contribute to the child’s social adaptation, teach them to conduct thematic dialogues, position themselves in society, be self-directed and stimulate interest in learning about the surrounding world.

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All the children adore to help the grown ups. Especially when they need to fix something. To make it real we need to give them some tool kit that will be safe for them. 

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