It's time to play dough with your child

21 April 2020, Tu
Why your child needs to play sculpting with dough

Among many kinds of entertainment for children, modeling and playing with dough is one of the most effective and exciting activities. Give your child a piece of dough and you will see how quickly his fantasy will open and start creating a new little world.

Today DoEcoLiving decided to figure out how important and useful modeling is and what role clay or dough can play in the development of your child.

Modeling contributes to the development of almost all processes in the formation of the child. This is a fundamentally significant lesson in the education and upbringing of our little ones. The child sees, touches, feels and even changes what he is creating. Isn't it amazing? Such a simple and fascinating pastime for kids absolutely affects their development.

Let’s look over all the advantages

- With the help of sculpting a child can creatively express his ideas about the world, his attitude to it and understanding. It is important that the baby has his own thoughts, his own opinion and develops imagination at the same time. And just imagine how cool it is for us – we can watch and make our own conclusions and use it in the way we need to help our little pumpkins!

 - Thanks to dough modeling children learn to organize their work and bring it to the end. This helps the child become independent. The kid plans work himself, sets certain goals, achieves them and, if necessary, makes amendments. Actually modeling allows the child to express his personality.

- Also, modeling develops fine motor skills of the hands, due to the fact that the hands acquire good flexibility. In the future, this will help the baby in drawing and writing.

- The most amazing thing is that fine motor skills affect the development of speech. It's simple: on the hands there are many points, affecting which, you can affect the internal organs. That is why speech therapists, when they teach children to speak, massage their hands and feet. So if your child is in no hurry to speak, you certainly should buy eco-dough into your house.

- In addition to this playing with dough develops the brain. The child's imagination is working and he is  concentrated. The child begins to perceive the shape, weight, texture, color. He is ready to learn new things.

- Also one more great feature of dough is anti-stress therapy that has great calming effect. Thus, playing dough with your children can develop perseverance, normalize sleep and reduce the activity and irritability. This is also important, especially if your child cannot sit still and is often naughty. Now creators such a s eco-kids even made anti-stress therapy dough that has for example lavender or Melissa oils in it. So their smell does additional anti-stress affect.

Modeling brings up patience, perseverance, diligence, attentiveness in a child.

All these personality traits will be useful to the child in adulthood, so it’s worth it to take the time now and play dough with your baby. And at the end we would like to pay attention to one more thing. Please try to buy only checked eco-friendly dough for your children. Such as eco-kids brand offers since that way you can be also calm about the safety of your child’s creativity.

DoEcoLiving Expert

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