Mother Earth gave us wind to use it

14 May 2020, Th
Wind energy is a gift to humanity

According to data from 2019, wind generators around the world produced  2.5% of the total energy generated by mankind. Our planet has tremendous potential for wind energy and it can fully satisfy all human needs.

Wind energy as part of ecology saving

Wind energy transfers the energy of air flows into mechanical, electrical or other necessary energy. It is renewable and environmentally friendly, its potential is inexhaustible.

Scientists from the Carnegie Institute and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory named Lawrence, using simulations, calculated the potential of the planet’s wind energy. They published their results in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Some facts about wind energy

Currently human civilization uses approximately 18 terawatts of energy. According to last science records wind turbines can produce about 400 terawatts of wind energy from the lower atmosphere and about 1800 terawatts from the upper atmosphere. Just think – it’s amazing – the 20 years operation of one wind generator can allow us to save about 29 thousand tons of coal or 92 thousand barrels of oil.

So now it’s important to understand that wind energy is a saving boat for many ecology problems! At this moment it is a rich opportunity to provide humanity with an amount of energy many times greater than current needs. Still the decision for the development of this area will be determined by political, economic and technical constraints, rather than territorial boundaries. At the same everyone can think about putting a wind mill near the house and starting saving energy.

It’s time to Do Eco Living together!

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