How recycled toys save the planet

A bottle of plastic takes an average of 15 minutes to use and 200 years to decompose. Did you know that 1 million plastic bottles are sold per minute worldwide?

Only 9% of used plastic is recycled, 12% is incinerated, and the rest ends up in landfills and the ocean, as well as in drinking water, food and animal and human organisms. And yet this is just one of the many types of pollution on Earth.

Green toy's environmental mission

One of the company who cares are the Green Toys. Their motto is: "Every day is a day of earth”

All toys are made in a factory in the U.S. from 100% recycled materials. Green Toys calls for a change in the environment through the children's toys we buy and use every day. That's why they use only milk jugs to produce their toys. The company's priority is 100% child safety, which is why no metal screws, glue, surface paint, or batteries are used in Green Toys.

Green Toys Eco Company cares about your little ones, how they play and with what toys. Even the packaging uses soy ink, which is made from soybeans. This ink decomposes four times faster than conventional ink.

You can find the wide range of such eco-friendly toys at our store. It seems to be a time for all of us to think about how we can play a part in saving the planet.

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