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Lets study eco-friendly toys benefits

Тoday, the idea of using environmentally friendly toys in child development is increasingly popular. In a world where technological progress is gaining space, for some reason we want to surround ourselves with natural things that would remind us of nature. We began to pay attention to the composition of products in the store, choose harmless materials for repairs, we think about the protection of our fragile ecosystem, we raise the question of educating children in respect for the environment.

In order to instill in your child a love of nature and not raise him to be a consumer, you should not wait until he grows up. It is necessary to start from birth, with the choice of toys, which will play the child. Experts in child development strongly recommend that parents give preference to toys made from natural materials. Almost in all methods of early development, especially in the Montessori and Waldorf system, eco-toys play a huge role.

Benefits and advantages of eco-toys:

  • It is very important for a child to develop his tactile sensations, from birth he learns the world through touch. The more diverse such sensations are, the better for the development of his brain. And here the main role is played by natural surfaces: wood, fabric, cardboard, clay, stone, etc;
  • Child's safety is always in the first place, and in eco-toys you will not find toxic materials. In addition, many of them can be made by hand, which will also guarantee their quality;
  • They develop a sense of beauty. Eco-toys favorably with their appearance, pastel colors, they are pleasant to look at and hold in your hands;
    give an elusive feeling of connection with the nature, and thus, teach to be in harmony with oneself, favorably influence the child's psyche and emotions;
    eco-toys are simple enough in their purpose, but this is what develops the child's imagination, encourages him/her to play freely, encourages him/her to think up something of his/her own, rather than follow the toy.

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