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The Montessori Method

The main idea of Maria Montessori's method is to teach your child independence, to develop in your child a desire for self-learning and self-development. She has developed a whole series of toys which will help in the early development of your child.

All the toys used in the Montessori system must be made of natural materials (wood, paper, cardboard). This can be a framework - tabs, different logical pyramids, a variety of mazes and other logical developmental toys.
With the help of Montessori toys, children develop gross and fine motor skills, learn to dress themselves, learn to draw. 

Today the range of Montessori toys is very wide. Some of the most wide-spread all over the world you can find at our Doecoliving eco toy store in a special section "MONTESSORI TOYS"

"Never help a child to do what he thinks he can do himself" - Maria Montessori

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