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Eco-friendly toys

Eco toys are the great way to buy. They are all made of eco-friendly material and safe for nature. Statistics shows that more and more parents start buying enviromentally friendly toys  to support sustainable play.  In order to save your time, efforts and help you to spend your money wisely we offer you catalogue DoEcoLiving. Here you can find a variety of natural toys for children of different ages with different preferences.

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Wooden Flexible Tower LD-9 CUBIKA
- 20 %
$ 29.99



Wooden Truck with Cars LM-12 CUBIKA
- 15 %
$ 24.99
Grand Piano - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK
- 15 %
$ 27.20
Modular Dice Tower - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS
Top sales
$ 39.90

You will be surprised, but nowadays if you ask any child about his favorite game 80 percent will name you a computer game name. Unfortunately due to technology progress our kids often forget that real games exist too. And it’s our objective to help them understand that games in the real world are much more exciting! 

Motorbike - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO
Top sales - 10 %
$ 36.44
Petit Activity Cube – Le Toy Van
- 20 %
$ 33.59

All our kids need our help in the development. But often we also need some helpers to do it. Great example of such toy helper will be Le Toy Van Activity Cube. 

Doctor's Medical Set – Le Toy Van
Top sales - 20 %
$ 44.79

Kids love a variety of role-playing games, which are not only interesting, but also useful. Such amusements contribute to the child’s social adaptation, teach them to conduct thematic dialogues, position themselves in society, be self-directed and stimulate interest in learning about the surrounding world.


Wooden constructor set Africa is produced by an eco-friendly toys brand Cubika. This is the newest model from their pixels construction sets. 


Every boy loves to turn the steering wheel. And just imagine if your kid will get a change to assemble the wheel by his own hands and as the result it will become something useful for his school staff.

$ 15.61

Eco-Friendly Toys Catalog at DoEcoLiving 

Our catalog has a great range of eco toys that will be suitable for any child. Today we offer you different kinds of toys made of organic, wooden, renewable, and other eco-friendly materials.  All of them will bring sincere joy in the eyes of a child.  At the same time every eco friendly toy  that you can buy in our catalog is actually a multifunctional gift since it can help you achieve several goals at the same time:

  1. Improve the mood of the baby and give him pleasure
  2. Stimulate the development of various practical and intellectual skills
  3. Create favorable conditions for communication with child of any age
  4. Organize exciting leisure
  5. Develop creative abilities, etc.

Good sustainable toy - how to make a right choice?

There are many types of toys, so you just need to decide which one will be the best gift for your baby, toddler, preschooler or teenager.

At the same time you need to take into account that high-quality products must meet next criteria:

  • be constructively thought out
  • have an attractive appearance
  • be absolutely safe (made of natural material without any hazardous substances and sharp elements)
  • every toy must evoke positive emotions and be educational and developmental at the same time
  • retain the original beauty and practical properties throughout the toy’s life

To save your time we had actually made the selection of the best eco toys in the USA that meet all these requirements. So you can buy them here without leaving home and without the risk for your family budget. It’s time to make your purchse at DoEcoLiving USA store!