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Toys for 6 to 8 years old kids

Toys for kids ages 6 to 8 years are their little helpers. They help them to study the world and develop. The best choice in this age will be eco toy that will be both educational and safe. 

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Doctor's Medical Set – Le Toy Van
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$ 44.79

Kids love a variety of role-playing games, which are not only interesting, but also useful. Such amusements contribute to the child’s social adaptation, teach them to conduct thematic dialogues, position themselves in society, be self-directed and stimulate interest in learning about the surrounding world.


Look at this vintage beach campervan. Hooray, let's go on vacation! All aboard - it’s time for a mobile holiday home at the beach.


$ 35.99
Sophie's Wooden Dolls House – Le Toy Van
$ 229.00

Wooden doll house from Le Toy Van is one of the most popular toys from the company. Sophie’s dollhouse is a three store wooden house for your daughter’s favorite dolls.  The design of the house is easy and quick to assemble so it does not require special tools.



Bluebird dolls house is one more toy house models from the Le Toy Van Company. It’s a two floor house with the furniture set. That means you don’t need to buy anything additional. It’s a great gift for your daughter – she will love to arrange the house for her favorite dolls and play role games with them.

Wooden pixels β€œSpace” CUBIKA
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$ 19.99
Dino's Toy Garage - Le Toy Van
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$ 90.00

All boys love playing with cars and garages. Today we offer you a perfect first garage for your toddler – it’s a Dino’s Toy Garage. Its n eco-friendly toy made from natural material that will perfectly fit every boy’s room.

$ 29.99

Every little girl loves to play such role-playing games as tea ceremony. A little princess loves to collect all her dolls around the table with a nice tea set.

FantaStack Blocks- HABA
$ 29.99

Bright wooden FantaStack blocks constructor from HABA brand consists of wooden elements. The details in the cubes are very bright, made of quality materials (beech), painted with water-based paints. Blocks are of various shapes and colors.

$ 39.99

A set of multi-colored wooden dominoes from Haba Company is a fun game based on the principle of dominoes and chain reactions. All the elements are eco-friendly since they are made of wood and covered by non-toxic paints. Every child will adore it!

Basic Starter Blocks Set - HABA
$ 59.99

An interesting set for young builders Haba Blocks Set stimulates the development of spatial imagination in a child and helps to study the shapes of figures.  All parts are made of unpainted, environmentally friendly beech.


An excellent HABA ball track starter set will interest any child. Large details and bright colors will attract children's attention for a long time.  Haba has created a multifunctional toy that develops fine motor skills, logical thinking and creativity.

Top toys for grade schoolers

When a child reaches the age of 6 – 8 years he becomes a totally formed personality who has a right to make his choice and add his opinion. At this age, the baby already has certain interests, likes and dislikes some kind of games, so it is very important to choose a the correct toy, after learning his wishes, hobbies and dreams. DoEcoLiving offers you best eco toys for grade schoolers. 

Paying attention to criterias of toys

If you want to buy eco friendly developing children's toys for ages of 6, 7 and 8 years old kids you can chose from various categories. It can be sets for role-playing games, a board game, a collecting toy and much more according to this age range. The main thing is pay attention to the next criteria:

  • The age – a toy must be suitable to the age of a child.
  • Material – it must be eco friendly toy – and only such types are present on out site.
  • Appearance – there can be very many kinds from big toy to its little copy.
  • Functional – the properties of eco toy may vary, they can be quite primitive, mechanical, and more modern. For example, the development is interactive, with sound, light effects, with a training program (fairy tales, languages).

Most popular toys models

The most popular eco toys for children of age from 6 to 8 years are board games, so if you are not sure what to choose – we just gave you an advice. They help to develop the ability to strive for a given goal, because strategies teach not only to win, but also to lose with dignity.