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Toys for babies

Toys for babies can be of different kinds by they are always united by the main critirea - they must be safe. Here you will find only best eco-friendly toys for babies from birth and till 1 year old. 

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$ 15.61
 Wooden toy Happy Bunny (push and pull) CUBIKA
- 20 %
$ 14.99
Wooden Taxi Car LM-6 CUBIKA
- 20 %
$ 12.49
Hot Air Balloon Mobile – Le Toy Van
- 20 %
$ 33.59

When we think about child's bedroom we alwasy see a little cradle with a beautiful mobile. Today we are ready to offer you a great eco-friendly mobile from Le Toy Van Company. 

Safe toys for babies of a high-quality

When our babies are born we try to do everything to give them only the best and make their life safe and comfort.  But actually what does a newborn need? It’s not only about comfy diapers, high-quality food and comfortable clothes, but one more very significant matter is also eco safe toys for babies.

All toys for newborn and up to 1 year old should carry positive emotions and help discover the world. We understand how precious each minute of parenting is, therefore we have collected on this page the best eco-friendly toys for babies.

What eco toys for babies mean 

Today it’s not hard to find a toy. The world web is so wide that you can find lots of the USA online toy shops, but the problem is to find the high-quality eco-friendly baby toy. Just think what actually “eco toy” means? Of course it’s the guarantee of the safe play of our baby. And that matters so much for any responsible parent!

The right choice with baby toys at DoEcoLiving

If you chose DoEcoLiving you can be sure that your choice is correct, we care about your babies and always pick only the best suppliers of eco-friendly toys. Toys for babies in our online shop have the highest quality and characteristics that will save young parent’s time from the hassle and problems when choosing a toy.