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Meet wooden eco-friendly toys from Cubika brand. They are absolutely natural and safe for your kids.  Cubika toys will be a perfect fit for any age. The range is wide so you can find here toys for both boys and girls starting from birth and till preschoolers.

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Wooden Flexible Tower LD-9 CUBIKA
- 20 %
$ 29.99



Wooden Truck with Cars LM-12 CUBIKA
- 15 %
$ 24.99

Wooden constructor set Africa is produced by an eco-friendly toys brand Cubika. This is the newest model from their pixels construction sets. 

$ 15.61

Lacing toy is one of the most popular toys among kids. One of the great examples is lacing toy fruits from Cubika brand. The toy is absolutely natural and safe for your kid since it’s made of wood.


House sorter from Cubika is a set of wooden elements painted in different colors. The child will be able to put interesting colored cubes in a toy sorter house. Soft colors of details ad polishes surface are pleasant to touch. All this will be felt after purchasing a wooden sorter from Cubika.


Cubika set of towers is a great first educational toy. It’s 100% environmentally friendly since it’s made of natural wood.

Wooden Fishes Lacing Toy CUBIKA
- 20 %
$ 14.99
Wooden pixels “Space” CUBIKA
- 20 %
$ 19.99
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The range is wide so you can find here toys for both boys and girls starting from birth and till preschoolers.  The brand is also known in the USA as Wise Elk since this Company is official representative of Cubika toys in the US. 

Best Cubika toys - great choice for eco-parenting

Wood is a natural material that stores warmth and live energy. Wooden toys are pleasant to the touch, lightweight and resistant to mechanical damage. They are simply cleaned, not afraid of water or sunlight.

Today DoEcoLiving online eco toys store is ready to present you Ukrainian CUBIKA brand of wooden eco toys. These wooden toys harmoniously combine tradition and technology. Made from softwood species, these eco toys are interesting, versatile and safe. The CUBIKA Company uses only eco-friendly raw materials, best equipment and water-based paints.

Great toys variety from Cubika that solves any task

Playing with CUBIKA models stimulates fine muscle motility and sensory perception. They help you toddlers to study shapes, colors and sizes. And let’s not forget that CUBIKA eco toys leave a wide space for imagination and does not limit creativity.

You can find wide variety of wooden toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers – lacing toys, wooden sorters, trains, cars, trucks, towers, building blocks and many others. Choose the best eco-friendly toys for your children at DoEcoLiving! If you are still thinking we are ready to help you in your choice! 

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