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Le Toy Van toys

Le Toy Van toys are known all overthe world.  All of them are eco friendly and made of wood. The range is very wide - developing, educational, interactive, outdoor toys and many other. All LTV toys are designed in England and have all certificates thta prove their safeness. The range is getting bigger and more and more popular in teh USA. Time to shop! 

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Petit Activity Cube – Le Toy Van
- 20 %
$ 33.59

All our kids need our help in the development. But often we also need some helpers to do it. Great example of such toy helper will be Le Toy Van Activity Cube. 

Doctor's Medical Set – Le Toy Van
Top sales - 20 %
$ 44.79

Kids love a variety of role-playing games, which are not only interesting, but also useful. Such amusements contribute to the child’s social adaptation, teach them to conduct thematic dialogues, position themselves in society, be self-directed and stimulate interest in learning about the surrounding world.

Rainbow Tunnel Toy – Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 18.74

The bright pyramid rainbow tunnel toy from Le Toy Van is a fun and versatile toy for children of different ages. One of the widest spread Montessori games.  It can be used as a manual that teaches colors, counting within 5 and concepts more or less. Older children can use the kit as a building material.

Le Grand Garage - Le Toy Van
- 20 %
$ 112.00

A large, bright and very attractive play set will be a good gift for any boy. Especially taking into account that all the boys love garages. They will be able to fit there any vehicles and every parent will be delighted since is toy is 100% safe and eco-friendly.

Dino's Toy Garage - Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 90.00

All boys love playing with cars and garages. Today we offer you a perfect first garage for your toddler – it’s a Dino’s Toy Garage. Its n eco-friendly toy made from natural material that will perfectly fit every boy’s room.


Watching how every day your little kid learns the secrets of the world, smiles at a new day and new friends, opens his heart to miracles -  is probably the greatest happiness in life of every parent.

Montecarlo Sports Cars - Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 22.46

Meet perfect set of 6 wooden sports cars from the German Le Toy Van brand.  It’s a great set of absolutely safe for your child toy cars.

Xylophone Activity Tile - Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 22.46

All children love music. One of the best first toys is a xylophone. One of them is presented today from an eco-friendly toy brand Le Toy Van.

Gears Activity Tile - Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 22.46

We all know how important it is to develop fine motor skills in our kids, especially when it comes to toddlers. Today DoEcoLiving is happy to present you a great developmental toy – Gears Activity Tile. It’s a perfect eco-friendly toy from German company Le Toy Van.

Shapes Activity Tile - Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 22.46

All parents know that first thing that toddlers start to learn is shapes and colors. To help them in their development Le Toy Van has prepared an eco-friendly Shapes Activity Title.  A wooden toy featuring three inner shapes to match with the attached square, triangle and circle. It’s a wonderful introduction to key shapes. 

ABC Wooden Blocks – Le Toy Van
- 15 %
$ 46.74

Probably every person when he was little had a set of blocks. Somebody had a wooden ones, another a plastic once, but probably we can’t imagine our childhood without them.

Tool Box – Le Toy Van
Top sales - 18 %
$ 45.06

All the children adore to help the grown ups. Especially when they need to fix something. To make it real we need to give them some tool kit that will be safe for them. 

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History of Le Toy Van toys 

Company was founded in the UK and began its activities in the development, production and sale of wooden toys in 1995. Today Le Toy Van is one of the most famous and trusted manufacturers of traditional wooden toys all over the world. Beautiful, fully decorated wooden doll houses, doll furniture, dolls, castles, pirate ships, cars, sorters, building blocks and various themed play sets were loved by parents and their children in Europe, America and Australia.

Unique Le Toy van productionfeatures 

LTV team develops all of its toys in the UK and manufactures in Indonesia. The toys are made from high-quality wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Each wooden toy is carefully checked, tested. All toys have an international safety certificate and are designed for children from birth and up to 12 years.

Le Toy Van produces a wide variety of eco-friendly wooden toys suitable for boys and girls. Here you can find any toy you need for your baby, toddler, preschooler or a schoolchild! The gameplay of your children will be absolutely safe, exciting and eco-friendly. 

Five best Lу Toy Van Company  toys 

The range of eco toys is very wide and sometimes it's very hard to make the right decision. Today we have prepared a top five list of best LTV wooden toys, that you can buy at our DoEcoLiving eco toys store in the USA: