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Eco friendly pots and pans set from the Le Toy Van brans is a great example of a classic cookware toys set for budding chefs. The kit contains everything a child needs to cook a delicious dinner and feed a large family or friends.


Dotty kettle from the Le Toy Van team is a perfect copy of an old-time kettle that we used before the electrical one appeared. It is compact and made of wood, so the child will not experience difficulties during the game. It will become a great toy by itself or as an addition to the LTV tea set. Time to start a tea ceremony!

Sweetheart Cottage Dollhouse – Le Toy Van
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$ 179.99

The sweetheart cottage is the most popular model of the Le Toy Van dollhouses since it includes not only the house, but the furniture too! It has an amazing design that repeats a real house. All the elements are made of wood. Won the Loved by Children Award 2015.

Wooden Fire Engine - Le Toy Van
$ 59.95

Role playing games re very important for kids. One of the best boys role playing game is being a fireman. To help your child’s dream come true we offer you a great wooden toy – Fire Engine from German eco-friendly toys brand Le Toy Van.