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ABC Wooden Blocks – Le Toy Van
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$ 49.95

Probably every person when he was little had a set of blocks. Somebody had a wooden ones, another a plastic once, but probably we can’t imagine our childhood without them.

Petilou Sensory Shapes – Le Toy Van
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$ 39.95

Watching how every day your little kid learns the secrets of the world, smiles at a new day and new friends, opens his heart to miracles -  is probably the greatest happiness in life of every parent.

$ 49.95

All the children adore to help the grown ups. Especially when they need to fix something. To make it real we need to give them some tool kit that will be safe for them. 


When we think about child's bedroom we alwasy see a little cradle with a beautiful mobile. Today we are ready to offer you a great eco-friendly mobile from Le Toy Van Company. 


Probably it's hard to imagine the chilhood without a sorter. It perfectly develops our kids. Today DoEcoLiving presents you great eco sorter from Le Toy Van toys Company. 


Today we can’t imagine our life without photos and video. We all have cellphones that can take perfect pictures and video. Our kids try to copy us in everything. So what about giving them a chance to have their own camera device that will be safe for them?

$ 19.95

It's very important to train our child's memory. It helps them develop faster. Today we want to offer you a perfect helper from the Le Toy Van eco toys company. 


The Game Grocery Set and Scanner from Le Toy Van brand will be the perfect fit for a store role game!

The game set includes a wooden basket and more than a dozen solid wood products, as well as a fun barcode scanner and several barcode stickers.

Little Bird House Sorter – Le Toy Van
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$ 20.97

Little bird house sorter from Le Toy Van Company is made of safe, carefully processed and smoothly polished natural material - wood. It has no sharp corners and covered by safe water based paints, that are harmless for your child.


Forest stacker is a wooden stackable game from eco friendly Le Toy Van Company. The toy helps the child to learn and develop through play. It can be played together with friends or parents. That way it also leads to communication.

Wooden Building Blocks - Le Toy Van
$ 49.99

Wooden building blocks are a universal educational toy for boys and girls of different preschool age categories. Textured material that are pleasant to touch, light and durable elements inspire children to show imagination and creative thinking.


Noah’s balancing ark toy is a wonderful wooden rocking ark with 10 wooden animals. It perfectly unites both stacking and balancing toy so your child gets maximum advantages from a gameplay. It’s just a perfect choice of developmental and educational eco toy.