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Hot Air Balloon Mobile – Le Toy Van
- 20 %
$ 33.59

When we think about child's bedroom we alwasy see a little cradle with a beautiful mobile. Today we are ready to offer you a great eco-friendly mobile from Le Toy Van Company. 

Noah's Shape Sorter Ark – Le Toy Van
- 20 %
$ 35.96

Probably it's hard to imagine the chilhood without a sorter. It perfectly develops our kids. Today DoEcoLiving presents you great eco sorter from Le Toy Van toys Company. 

Grocery Set & Scanner – LE TOY VAN
- 15 %
$ 46.71

The Game Grocery Set and Scanner from Le Toy Van brand will be the perfect fit for a store role game!

The game set includes a wooden basket and more than a dozen solid wood products, as well as a fun barcode scanner and several barcode stickers.

Little Bird House Sorter – Le Toy Van
- 40 %
$ 20.97

Little bird house sorter from Le Toy Van Company is made of safe, carefully processed and smoothly polished natural material - wood. It has no sharp corners and covered by safe water based paints, that are harmless for your child.

Forest Stacker and Bag – Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 18.71

Forest stacker is a wooden stackable game from eco friendly Le Toy Van Company. The toy helps the child to learn and develop through play. It can be played together with friends or parents. That way it also leads to communication.

Noah's Balancing Ark – Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 23.99

Noah’s balancing ark toy is a wonderful wooden rocking ark with 10 wooden animals. It perfectly unites both stacking and balancing toy so your child gets maximum advantages from a gameplay. It’s just a perfect choice of developmental and educational eco toy.

Oven and Hob Blue – Le Toy Van
- 20 % best.png
$ 91.99

Beautiful and large pale blue oven with a set of dishes will become a perfect kitchen toy for your child . It's a great idea for a role playing game and we all know how girls and boys love it . Scenario and role play toys encourages creative imagination, social and language development. It's time play the kitchen game!

Vanilla Birthday Cake – Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 18.74

Toy food Vanilla Birthday Cake was produced by the English company Le Toy Van. It’s a great wooden toy covered by paints that are safe for children. The toy is packed in a beautiful gift box. On the back of the box is a napkin that can be cut and used in the game.


Honeybake tea set from the eco toys brand le Toy van is a charming set of tableware. With the help of it any child weather a boy or a girl will be able to organize the tea ceremony for favorite toys, friends or parents. It’s a perfect role-playing game with toy food.

Cafe Machine – Le Toy Van
- 20 %
$ 35.99

Eco friendly game set Café Machine is designed for children from 3 years. Bright and functional toy is made of wood. The toy will be a wonderful and practical gift for the child of any gender – both boys and girls.

Pots and Pans – Le Toy Van
- 20 %
$ 27.99

Eco friendly pots and pans set from the Le Toy Van brans is a great example of a classic cookware toys set for budding chefs. The kit contains everything a child needs to cook a delicious dinner and feed a large family or friends.

Dotty Kettle – Le Toy Van
- 25 %
$ 18.74

Dotty kettle from the Le Toy Van team is a perfect copy of an old-time kettle that we used before the electrical one appeared. It is compact and made of wood, so the child will not experience difficulties during the game. It will become a great toy by itself or as an addition to the LTV tea set. Time to start a tea ceremony!