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Ugears models

High-quality wooden 3D puzzle mechanical models produced and developed by the Ukrainian company UGEARS have already proven themselves all over the world: they are already successfully sold in Germany and Poland, Japan and Australia and of course in the United States. It's time for you to meet Ugears mechanical models. 

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Modular Dice Tower - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS
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You will be surprised, but nowadays if you ask any child about his favorite game 80 percent will name you a computer game name. Unfortunately due to technology progress our kids often forget that real games exist too. And it’s our objective to help them understand that games in the real world are much more exciting! 


Every boy loves to turn the steering wheel. And just imagine if your kid will get a change to assemble the wheel by his own hands and as the result it will become something useful for his school staff.


All the children totally adore creating and assembling something. Especially when it’s something exciting and unique. So are all the models from UGEARS company who are becoming more and more creative every year.


Every child and adult dreams of a place for their secrets. We know how they try to hide their little diaries. At the same time every parent tries to find it to know all the secrets and experiences of their loved daughter or son to keep them safe.


It is hard to find children or adults who do not like pleasant surprises. Actually for most people the feeling of intrigue and pleasant expectation that precedes the opening of the box with the treasured gift is much more important than the mysterious object.


For last ten years the universality of things became very world-wide spread. Very often we see how different suppliers combine few things in one. In the beginning of 2000’s we couldn’t even imagine that printer, scanner and copier will be one whole device or that our kid’s room can be so compact that a table and a cupboard will become the lower part of the bed! 


Back in the old times people always used to defense their territories from the enemies. They actually build the big wooden fortress, where the main weapon was a tower. In today’s fast modern life and technology progress it’s hard to find examples of old fortresses. But sometimes it’s so nice to go back to old times and feel yourself as a knight at least in our imagination. 


How about adding something amazing and interesting into your life? Something that that can bring hours of exciting time and afterwards it will be a great decoration to your child’s room. Excited? Check it out! 


Everyone love cars. That's why today DoEcoLiving is happy to show you this car model from Ugears Company. 


Very often our kids spend to much time watching TV or playing PC and every caring parent try to find some ways to get them outside. DoEcoLiving is always ready to help. Today we want to present you a facinating outdoor toy. 


There are different periods of growth of our children. And on every step they have many directions of the game-playing. Today’s choice of toys is phenomenal and sometimes it’s very hard to pick up the right one. But there’s no doubt that all our kids simply adore playing with animal toys. Probably the top and the favorite in all times was the horse toy. 


What can be better than music? Probably all people love it. Only everyone has his own music direction. 

Ugears logo

Facts from Ugears mechanical models history

The compnay was founded in 2014 in Ukraine. It had started it's production in little city nearby Kiev - the cappital of Ukraine. The name “Ugears” is translated as a gear wheel or gear, because even the simplest and most accessible model has 2 “stars” and more complex models have dozens of them. The Company is already added to Wikipedia so you can learn more facts there.  The production of Ugears mechanical models is becoming wider and wider. Today the Ugears brand is known all over the world.  And you can eaily buy Ugears models in the USA. 

Unique wooden models features 

A distinctive feature of 3D wooden puzzles is that for the assembly they don’t need glue or any special tools. Just take out (squeeze) the wooden parts from the plywood designer and connect them according to the instructions with the toothpicks that come with the kit. Thanks to high-precision development (parts are laser-cut) and high quality production, parts are easily transformed into working mechanisms.

But that is not all. Almost every Ugears mechanical models has hidden functions: hidden boxes, games, and more. Find out which ones on the product card pages.

Each of the puzzles has different assembly complexity: some of the models are easy to assemble and younger children and some will cause difficulties even for adults. Buy mechanical 3D puzzles of UGEARS brand at DoEcoLiving online eco toy store and get a lot of pleasure from assembling a finished working mechanism from dozens of gears with your own hands. Or give it to loved ones as a perfect gift and they will enjoy it. If you don't know what to chose, just use our hint below. 

Five best  mechanical puzzles models 

The range of mechanical puzzles is very wide and sometimes it's very hard to pick the best model. Today we have prepared a top five list of Ugears mechanical models, that you can buy at our DoEcoLiving eco toys store in the USA: