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All the children totally adore creating and assembling something. Especially when it’s something exciting and unique. So are all the models from UGEARS company who are becoming more and more creative every year.


Every child and adult dreams of a place for their secrets. We know how they try to hide their little diaries. At the same time every parent tries to find it to know all the secrets and experiences of their loved daughter or son to keep them safe.

Wooden Fishes Lacing Toy CUBIKA
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$ 14.99
Wooden pixels “Space” CUBIKA
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$ 19.99

Back in the old times people always used to defense their territories from the enemies. They actually build the big wooden fortress, where the main weapon was a tower. In today’s fast modern life and technology progress it’s hard to find examples of old fortresses. But sometimes it’s so nice to go back to old times and feel yourself as a knight at least in our imagination. 


How about adding something amazing and interesting into your life? Something that that can bring hours of exciting time and afterwards it will be a great decoration to your child’s room. Excited? Check it out! 


Everyone love cars. That's why today DoEcoLiving is happy to show you this car model from Ugears Company. 


Very often our kids spend to much time watching TV or playing PC and every caring parent try to find some ways to get them outside. DoEcoLiving is always ready to help. Today we want to present you a facinating outdoor toy. 


For last ten years the universality of things became very world-wide spread. Very often we see how different suppliers combine few things in one. In the beginning of 2000’s we couldn’t even imagine that printer, scanner and copier will be one whole device or that our kid’s room can be so compact that a table and a cupboard will become the lower part of the bed! 


There are different periods of growth of our children. And on every step they have many directions of the game-playing. Today’s choice of toys is phenomenal and sometimes it’s very hard to pick up the right one. But there’s no doubt that all our kids simply adore playing with animal toys. Probably the top and the favorite in all times was the horse toy. 


What can be better than music? Probably all people love it. Only everyone has his own music direction.