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All the children totally adore creating and assembling something. Especially when it’s something exciting and unique. So are all the models from UGEARS company who are becoming more and more creative every year.


Every child and adult dreams of a place for their secrets. We know how they try to hide their little diaries. At the same time every parent tries to find it to know all the secrets and experiences of their loved daughter or son to keep them safe.

Motorbike - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO
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All little boys and adult man are passionate about cars. Especially if we try to talk about vintage and sport cars. They are so perfectly unique that they catch our breath. 


Every adult person sometimes dreams about traveling in time. Especially the old times when so many things are knows only from the history books. It would be so exciting to look at all those things in real life!


At all the times big machines catch up the breath of children and adults. One of them is a train. It's wealth is really amazing. 

Tractor - 3D Mechanical Puzzle MIKO
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It is hard to find children or adults who do not like pleasant surprises. Actually for most people the feeling of intrigue and pleasant expectation that precedes the opening of the box with the treasured gift is much more important than the mysterious object.


Do you like the sea or an ocean? Most of us do and at the moment when we think about it the waves sound appears in our minds. And what about traveling on the water? Probably such idea excites many of us –  no matter we are children or adults.


Every boy loves to turn the steering wheel. And just imagine if your kid will get a change to assemble the wheel by his own hands and as the result it will become something useful for his school staff.


Every girl while growing starts to dream about having her own jewelry. And it’s very important to organize not only precious rings and necklaces, but also to give the jewelry box where your daughter will keep it. Today Ugears team presents you the great decision to this issue for teens and adults!


All little boys and adult man adore big trucks. When we overtake them on the road they take our breath away. Probably every boy dreams of being a driver of a truck – but even when they become adults only few really can drive it, since it’s a really hard work.