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The Wise Elk Company has appeared on the world market not so long ago. But actually this young brand has managed to prove itself due to its original products and careful approach to details.

When it comes to Wise Elk toys, you can forget all the stereotypes. Neither gender nor age matters. Both boys and girls will like their products. And the manufacturers themselves declare that their products are intended for people from 5 to 99 years.

The brand pays special attention to safety. Parents may not worry about the quality of the materials – all the toys are made of natural materials - gypsum, ceramics and wood. The construction kits include water-based glue to connect the parts. It is also safe and free of toxic impurities.

Manufacturers emphasize that the products meet the safety standards adopted in Europe, USA and Australia. In Australia, Weiss Elk even received the 2018 Toy of the Year Award. So to buy a Wise elk constructor means to make the best gift for the harmonious and safe development of the child.

You can see the big variety of models that will become a great gift for your child, grandchild and even any adult that loves to construct – saloon, white house, Mayan pyramid, black castle and many others. DoEcoLiving always offers you only best eco-friendly toys and Wise Elk building sets are not an exception.