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Watching how every day your little kid learns the secrets of the world, smiles at a new day and new friends, opens his heart to miracles -  is probably the greatest happiness in life of every parent.

Fire Truck Red – Green Toys
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$ 26.99

All parents teach their children that all professions are important, all professions are in need. At the same time particular attention is always paid to the fire service.  To help us do it there is a great range of fire truck toys today and DoEcoLiving is ready to present one of them.

Montecarlo Sports Cars - Le Toy Van
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$ 22.46

Meet perfect set of 6 wooden sports cars from the German Le Toy Van brand.  It’s a great set of absolutely safe for your child toy cars.

ABC Wooden Blocks – Le Toy Van
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$ 46.74

Probably every person when he was little had a set of blocks. Somebody had a wooden ones, another a plastic once, but probably we can’t imagine our childhood without them.

$ 29.99

Every little girl loves to play such role-playing games as tea ceremony. A little princess loves to collect all her dolls around the table with a nice tea set.

FantaStack Blocks- HABA
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$ 29.99

Bright wooden FantaStack blocks constructor from HABA brand consists of wooden elements. The details in the cubes are very bright, made of quality materials (beech), painted with water-based paints. Blocks are of various shapes and colors.

$ 24.99

The German manufacturer of baby products Haba presents a colorful wooden arranging toy Palette of Pegs. It will allow the baby to reach many goals - from having fun and interest to receiving a lot of benefits from the process.


One of the best ways to develop a child is a clutching puzzle. It unites both fascinating play, development and education. Haba clutching puzzle animals by numbers is a perfect fit for any kid.  It’s eco friendly so it can be used for any age.


Staking Cubes Rapunzel from German brand Haba unite favorite game of all kids with fairy heroes. It makes the gameplay even more fascinating and exciting. All cubes are made of wood and colored by non-toxic paints so they are safe for your little ones.

$ 29.99

Mod Blocks from Haba brand is one of most popular kind of toys since all children simply adore playing blocks. It gives a child opportunity to build anything that comes on his mind.


Haba Fire Brigade Pulling Figure and Shape Sorter is a unique toy that unites two most popular kids’ toys into one. First of all it is a beloved by all the kid’s sorter that help them develop, but it’s a fire car at the same time. And we all know how boys love them!