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Toys and puzzles for anyone

There are toys and puzzles fro anyone - they will be a perfect fit for a boy or a girl since they are neutral. It's a nice choice when you are not sure what to offer a kid. 

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Doctor's Medical Set – Le Toy Van
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$ 44.79

Kids love a variety of role-playing games, which are not only interesting, but also useful. Such amusements contribute to the child’s social adaptation, teach them to conduct thematic dialogues, position themselves in society, be self-directed and stimulate interest in learning about the surrounding world.

$ 24.99

Every boy dreams of becoming an outstanding astronaut and flying into space. They look on the rockets on TV and start imagining. DoEcoLiving and Green Toys are happy to offer a little rocket for a little dream to come true. The product is in two versions: Blue Top and Red Top.

Dump Truck – Green Toys
- 10 %
$ 26.99

It is difficult to imagine a small child who does not have at least one toy car.  They are always so passionate about them, especially if this car is big. To fit these needs it’s time to meet Green Toys Dump truck.


All the children totally adore creating and assembling something. Especially when it’s something exciting and unique. So are all the models from UGEARS company who are becoming more and more creative every year.

Rainbow Tunnel Toy – Le Toy Van
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$ 18.74

The bright pyramid rainbow tunnel toy from Le Toy Van is a fun and versatile toy for children of different ages. One of the widest spread Montessori games.  It can be used as a manual that teaches colors, counting within 5 and concepts more or less. Older children can use the kit as a building material.


Every child and adult dreams of a place for their secrets. We know how they try to hide their little diaries. At the same time every parent tries to find it to know all the secrets and experiences of their loved daughter or son to keep them safe.

Petit Activity Cube – Le Toy Van
- 20 %
$ 33.59

All our kids need our help in the development. But often we also need some helpers to do it. Great example of such toy helper will be Le Toy Van Activity Cube. 

Wooden pixels “Space” CUBIKA
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$ 19.99
Le Grand Garage - Le Toy Van
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$ 112.00

A large, bright and very attractive play set will be a good gift for any boy. Especially taking into account that all the boys love garages. They will be able to fit there any vehicles and every parent will be delighted since is toy is 100% safe and eco-friendly.

Dino's Toy Garage - Le Toy Van
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$ 90.00

All boys love playing with cars and garages. Today we offer you a perfect first garage for your toddler – it’s a Dino’s Toy Garage. Its n eco-friendly toy made from natural material that will perfectly fit every boy’s room.

Best eco toys for anyone

Do you have any guess what unites the following inventions: a car with pedals and a built-in ashtray, a carousel with an attached hairdryer or a gun with a charge that explodes? It’s all the examples of toys for kids that were popular due to the technology progress when the fantasy of manufacturers often neglected such an important point as the safety of toys for children. For sure such examples of toys actually spoil our children. And is that the childhood that we would like our kids to have?

Influence of toys on our kid’s life

Any toys bring changes into our children’s life and for sure those changes must be only into the good side. Nowadays, almost nothing is impossible. There are so many kinds of toys that you don’t have to complain.

The only question is: what to choose not to harm the child? Our online store has a big assortment of neutral gender toys for any ages. As the result everyone will find a toy for themselves, We always keep the main criteria – all toys must be natural and safe. So we offer you the best neutral toys that are educational  and made of natural material. They are all eco friendly so can be sure that the gameplay of your kid will be safe.

Chose only high-quality toys

We always advise you to look only at quality toys from trusted manufacturers. The irresponsible choice of such goods in spontaneous markets can lead to sad consequences. The DoEcoLiving online store cooperates only with best suppliers of toys and puzzles  for anyone, the quality of their products is confirmed by certificates. Do the right choice with DoEcoLiving!