Wooden eco toys for Christmas gift

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Doctor's Medical Set – Le Toy Van
Top sales - 15 %
$ 49.95

Kids love a variety of role-playing games, which are not only interesting, but also useful. Such amusements contribute to the child’s social adaptation, teach them to conduct thematic dialogues, position themselves in society, be self-directed and stimulate interest in learning about the surrounding world.

Rocket – Green Toys
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$ 24.99

Every boy dreams of becoming an outstanding astronaut and flying into space. They look on the rockets on TV and start imagining. DoEcoLiving and Green Toys are happy to offer a little rocket for a little dream to come true. The product is in two versions: Blue Top and Red Top.

Holiday Campervan – LE TOY VAN
- 15 %
$ 49.95

Look at this vintage beach campervan. Hooray, let's go on vacation! All aboard - it’s time for a mobile holiday home at the beach.


Dump Truck – Green Toys
- 10 %
$ 26.99

It is difficult to imagine a small child who does not have at least one toy car.  They are always so passionate about them, especially if this car is big. To fit these needs it’s time to meet Green Toys Dump truck.

$ 35.99

All the children totally adore creating and assembling something. Especially when it’s something exciting and unique. So are all the models from UGEARS company who are becoming more and more creative every year.

Safe - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS
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$ 59.90

Every child and adult dreams of a place for their secrets. We know how they try to hide their little diaries. At the same time every parent tries to find it to know all the secrets and experiences of their loved daughter or son to keep them safe.

Petit Activity Cube – Le Toy Van
- 10 %
$ 34.97

All our kids need our help in the development. But often we also need some helpers to do it. Great example of such toy helper will be Le Toy Van Activity Cube. 

Sophie's Wooden Dolls House – Le Toy Van
- 15 % best.png
$ 169.99

Wooden doll house from Le Toy Van is one of the most popular toys from the company. Sophie’s dollhouse is a three store wooden house for your daughter’s favorite dolls.  The design of the house is easy and quick to assemble so it does not require special tools.


Wooden Fishes Lacing Toy CUBIKA
- 20 %
$ 14.99

Best toys for Christmas gift

What comes on your mind when you hear the Jingle bells song? Of course it is the best Holiday Christmas Season. This is a time of family reunion and the biggest gift time in the year.

Of course the main personalities of Christmas in our house are our children. We always try to pick the best presents, to decorate our house in the coolest way and make the hottest Christmas party.  Of course all it is done for our kids. We want them to remember Christmas in their childhood as the best time of the year.

Christmas present choice challenges

When it comes for Christmas we start a big rush with the presents buy. We run around the store finding the best toy for a gift. When our kids are schoolmates it’s easier – they give us a big Christmas list with perfect toys for boys and girls and we try to bring to life every their wish. But when kids are little it’s hard it decide what will be the best toy gift for Christmas. Babies and toddlers comprehend the world through touch, colors, sounds and tastes. So any bright, noisy, voiced, pleasant and different to the touch toy will be a great gift for a small child. The significant matter is the materials that are used to create a toy. They must be eco safe since kids in ages of 1, 2 and 3 years always pull the toy in his mouth.

One harder point when the gift choice becomes our problem is when our children become teenagers. In this age the era on virtual world totally takes a head over them. And we must do everything to offer them fascinating, unique and exciting gameplay that will become the coolest Christmas gift and will put the virtual world on the second place.  With the range of our eco toys it will be very easy to do it! We always try to do our best for your convenience. In our online store you can chose Christmas gift toy for any age and gender!