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Puzzles and eco toys for Halloween gift

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Wooden Flexible Tower LD-9 CUBIKA
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Wooden Truck with Cars LM-12 CUBIKA
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Modular Dice Tower - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS
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$ 39.90

You will be surprised, but nowadays if you ask any child about his favorite game 80 percent will name you a computer game name. Unfortunately due to technology progress our kids often forget that real games exist too. And it’s our objective to help them understand that games in the real world are much more exciting! 

$ 15.61

Lacing toy is one of the most popular toys among kids. One of the great examples is lacing toy fruits from Cubika brand. The toy is absolutely natural and safe for your kid since it’s made of wood.


Every child and adult dreams of a place for their secrets. We know how they try to hide their little diaries. At the same time every parent tries to find it to know all the secrets and experiences of their loved daughter or son to keep them safe.


It is hard to find children or adults who do not like pleasant surprises. Actually for most people the feeling of intrigue and pleasant expectation that precedes the opening of the box with the treasured gift is much more important than the mysterious object.

Eco-crayon Sticks - 20-pk
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$ 15.99

Eco toy gifts for Halloween

Every year when October knocks on the calendar we start a big preparation. Yep – it’s almost Halloween time. All our kids are very excited about this holiday and we try to do our best to make it unforgettable. Scary decorations, pumpkin rush, best costumes. Usually Halloween gift is trick or treat, but we all know that our kids always wait for presents on any holiday – no matter what it is.

Great and unusual ideas

So why not bring some joy into our children’s life by a cool Halloween gift toy. In this section you can find a perfect idea for Halloween gift. We offer you original toys made from high quality natural materials that are absolutely safe for use at home and the gameplay. Unusual shapes and colors, creativity of performance - all this makes such items an excellent gift option for kids and friends. With such a set of eco toys, any Halloween can turn from a triumph of horrors into a party with a pleasant atmosphere, where there is no place for anger!