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Wooden Fire Engine - Le Toy Van
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$ 55.96

Role playing games re very important for kids. One of the best boys role playing game is being a fireman. To help your child’s dream come true we offer you a great wooden toy – Fire Engine from German eco-friendly toys brand Le Toy Van.

Emergency Vehicle Set - Le Toy Van
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$ 14.96

It’s hard to find a boy not obsessed on emergency cars. They always catch our breath. Today Le Toy Van brand is happy to offer you an emergency vehicle set that will be a perfect car set for any boy in the age of 3 years and older.

Lacing Toy Set "Fruits" – Wise Elk Cubika
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$ 14.99

Lacing toy is one of the most popular toys among kids. One of the great examples is lacing toy fruits from Cubika brand. The toy is absolutely natural and safe for your kid since it’s made of wood.


House sorter from Cubika is a set of wooden elements painted in different colors. The child will be able to put interesting colored cubes in a toy sorter house. Soft colors of details ad polishes surface are pleasant to touch. All this will be felt after purchasing a wooden sorter from Cubika.


Every child will love this cute fish toy. After all it’s a push and pull toy so it can be taken anywhere he goes. The model has bright elements for sure every child will like.


Sausage dog is a great example of a push and pull toy. This model is presented in the form of a dog and has a colorful design. Such a wooden toy stimulates the baby to take his first steps, develop imagination, and also strengthen muscles.


Wooden clock constructor from Company Cubika is a unique pyramid that needs to be assembled from horizontal bars of different colors. Every bar has one or two numbers. This toy will become an excellent guide to getting to know the time. All elements are made of natural wood and perfectly polished.


Cubika set of towers is a great first educational toy. It’s 100% environmentally friendly since it’s made of natural wood.


Wooden constructor set Africa is produced by an eco-friendly toys brand Cubika. This is the newest model from their pixels construction sets. 

Construction Cars – Le Toy Van
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$ 22.46

We are happy to offer you a great construction cars play set for a boy. Its made of high quality hardwood and painted by non-toxic paints that are absolutely safe for the child's health.