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More details about Adventure Land – HABA Board Game

It’s time to feel unforgettable emotions from adventures with the help of environmentally friendly board game Adventure Land from HABA Toys Company.  

The game takes you to the wonderful world of knights where the King Agamis rules right from his great and mighty castle. Here everyone can feel like a real warrior and commander. The map is filled by various natural areas. Here you will find big river that has gold hidden in it, great forests that are filled with different herbs, and of course the mountains with mines where you will be able to find and create the best swords. 

But don’t think that the game is that easy. On your way you will face many troubles – big fog areas with strange fairy creatures that can attack you. They are actually getting more and more closely to the city. That’s why King Agamis needs your help. He calls the brave warriors from all over the world to protect the cities from the fog creatures and help save people’s lives. 

To win you will need to use all your talent of a strategist. The game is designed for two - four players, so the level of difficulty of the fight is determined by the abilities of the opponents. Believe us you will never get tired if you choose worthy rivals.

The Adventure Land game has three various scenarios to choose from, depending on the age/skill of the players:

  1. Adventure 1 (The Fellowship ) the simplest of the three adventures.
  2. Adventure 2 (The Magnificent) a little more challenging.
  3. Adventure 3 (Escape to the Cities) the most challenging because there are many things to pay attention to simultaneously.

This eco-friendly Adventure Land game includes:

  • 1 board;
  • 110 terrain cards (30 city cards, 20 forest cards, 18 river cards, 28 mountain cards, 14 fog cards);
  • 40 adventurers (10 yellow, 10 black, 10 violet, 10 green);
  • 30 companions, 1 water sprite;
  • 80 tiles, 28 swords, 20 herbs; 
  • 18 pieces of gold, 14 fog creatures;
  • 4 scoring markers (yellow, black, purple, green);
  • 3 dice;
  • 3 adventure overview cards;
  • 1 set of game instructions.

Don’t wait it’s time to start your adventure with HABA board games right now! It will bring unbelievable hours of play into your family!

Customer reviews
Megan Hartfelder
A gift for my Friend who loves board games. He was delighted. we vactually had a great game night with our friends.
Tomas Untha
Haba made fantastic strategy board games. Adventure Land is my fav!
Adventure Land is a nice variety that keeps the game fun and light. This is a great place game for the family. Gives kids a little sense of adventure fighting the "fog" creatures, but at the same time you can win by collecting companions or gold.
Amanda G.
This year for Easter we bought a game that can bring the whole family together. Excited!!
Caution! Tightens)
Pam Cavataio
Joe Hakooz
Is this board game only suitable for 4 people? If more people can't play it?
Do Eco Living
Joe Hakooz, This game's equipment is suitable maximum for 4 players.
Elianna Davis
Cool game for a small company
Thanks for the game, we had a great time
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