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More details about Animal Upon Animal Game – HABA Board Game

All the children adore animals. Probably it’s hard to find a kid whom his mom didn’t buy the set of wooden little toy animals. And just imagine if you can unite such set with an educational board game. Isn’t it an awesome idea?  

The Animal Upon Animal Game from the HABA Company will make that idea come true! This eco-friendly board game is designed for 2-4 players aged 4 years and over. The idea of the game is that various animals want to demonstrate their skills in building pyramids. Penguin seeks to get to the very top. To do this, he needs to climb a crocodile, jump onto the neck of a lizard, climb a snake and bypass a toucan to get over a sheep. 

There are 29 wooden animals in the game. The task of the players is to use all their dexterity, coordination and endurance to build a pyramid of funny animals who agreed to take part in this adventure. The one who will be the first to be without animals will become a winner. 

The Animal Upon Animal game from HABA is a perfect idea not only for kids, but as an adult game night too. The game is absolutely eco-friendly since all the parts are made of natural material. So it’s totally safe. HABA Company produces only safe and high quality toys which are confirmed by certificates. 

The Animal Upon Animal game includes next items: 

  • 1 Crocodile;
  • 4 toucans;
  • 4 sheep;
  • 4 snakes;
  • 4 monkeys;
  • 4 penguins;
  • 4 hedgehogs;
  • 4 lizards;
  • Wooden Die with symbols;
  • Set of game instructions.

The environmentally friendly board game will help your children to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The Animal Upon Animal Game even got awards as one of the best games. It’s just the right time to fascinate your kid’s time!

Customer reviews
the toy is is well made & fun. However the pieces are smaller than I expected., As the result the game is play is more difficult then
I thought it would be.
Joey Foster
Got it as a present for my 3yo grandson/ Unfortunately he didn't play it at all/ But how I was surprised when my daughter send me a picture of my older grandson who is 9 playing this game. She said he can pay it for few hours. Amazing
Great game! My 4yo and I play over and over again. Balancing the animals is not that easy, but it's just the right amount of challenge for us both. At the same time love like all animals look like.
B. Lingerfelt
My brother likes your games, especially the fun ones
children played and laughed all the time , the good one for kid's entertaiment
P. D.
Good game, my husband and I enjoying playing but a bit difficult for our 4 year old son to play since. it's really easy for him to knock the animals over. I think 5 is the youngest I would go.
Denise Davis
So glad to receive them. So much fun to collect!
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