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More details about ANTIQUE BOX V-1 - 3D Mechanical Puzzle UGEARS

The magic of this charming set is revealed with a very easy motion. Simply open the lid by lifting a beautifully carved latch. The mirrored mechanism will slide two large compartments to the sides making the Antique Box ready to accommodate more treasures than it might seem at first glance. Two lower compartments will slide from underneath the middle part of the Box revealing the total of six compartments for knick-knacks, jewelry, and similarly valued items.

But this is not all, the Antique Box would have been a real tribute to Victorian-era treasure chests with secrets if it didn’t have secret compartments of its own! To reveal the secret, find the two buttons on the back of the Box and push them to find two more smaller storage spaces with lids on the top level of the box.

Don’t let the Antique Box’s delicate appearance fool you, it is a perfectly safe place not only to store everything you need but also to carry around thanks to a robust latch lock.

Made of 100% natural high-grade plywood, like all the other UGears sets The Antique Box does not require the use of any special tools, including glue, which makes your assembly process as eco-friendly and enjoyable as possible. Follow the beautifully-illustrated assembly manual in 11 languages and let the beautiful Antique Box become your home décor element or office table companion.

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