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Meet unique mechanical tower puzzle from Ugears Company

Today there is a great chance to turn your thoughts into reality. Ugears presents you the 3d mechanical Archballista Tower puzzle  – a great two-part wooden model for teens and adults. This toy tower is a representative from the medieval period which is clearly seen from its design.

Each particle of the 3d tower puzzle is selected in detail and decorated by fantastic ornaments. And let’s not forget that this puzzle is mechanical so there is no way for statics to occur. The gear on the side of the tower is a part of the mechanism that raises the second level revealing the spiral staircase and interior structure.

Puzzle toy from Ugears that looks absolutely realistic 

The designers made their best to make the toy tower look as real. They even added missing blocks that creates a partly ruined look. As a result it’s a great pleasure to observe and enjoy the work of the gears, inner frame and the complete clever mechanism.

Mechanical Archballista Tower puzzle is a great solution as an eco-friendly present for any person of any age. It will bring lots of joy to a child, a teenager or even an adult! It's a nice idea of the gameplay at home and as the outdoor toy. To diversify your play look over all the other Ugears games at our online store of eco toys DoEcoLiving.     

Customer reviews
At first it seemed to us that this is a complex process - the assembly of the constructor, but then it is so exciting. cool
Actually for last few month after we assembled it the tower played role of the wooden model o the desk. But now at quarantine it's a nice toy to play.
Kelli O
I like it
Briana Serrato
I liked everything, but after assembly, children need to play with glasses)
Riter Austin.
Balista’s bomb, but we shot at the tower with a wooden rifle
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