Wooden toy Buddy Teething Toy 2 Pack - Pink ➤ UNDER THE NILE
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More details about Baby Buddy Teething Toy 2 Pack - Pink – UNDER THE NILE

First teeth start to appear in the age of 3-4 month. It’s tough period for both the mother and the baby. Sleepless nights, many tears and even high temperature. It’s all due to pain that baby feels due to teething.

To help our baby we try to do our best and buy any possible toys that can relief the pain. DoEcoLiving online eco-toy store is glad to offer you such a magic wand - best eco-friendly and safe Baby Buddy Teething Toy from Under the Nile Company. The pack consists of 2 toys of a pink and white-pink stripes color. Eco teething toys are suitable for babies from 3 months. At the first stage of the baby’s tooth growth it promotes rapid teething and relieves pain.

The material of the soft part of the toy is 100% environmentally friendly cotton and the ring is made of eco beechwood. So you can be sure that the toy is absolutely safe for your infant. Baby buddy teething toy is not big in size since it’s adopted for little hands. As the result it’s convenient to take anywhere with you!

All the Under the Nile toys are eco-friendly and certified – so you can be 100% calm about your child’s safeness. Don’t think and help your pumpkin to relief the pain with this best eco teething toy!

Customer reviews
Holly R.
This is a really safe and eco-friendly teething toy! Thank you Doecoliving!
Tracy Н.
Very handy kit
Poly Bohn
Thank you doecoliving store for really eco toys!
Do Eco Living
Poly Bohn, Thanks a lot for choosing us and for you trust!
Our baby liked
Jessica Weinsburg
I think I am ready to give this teething toy 4+ Probably one thing that is a plus and a minus at the same time is that to wash it you need to put it into washing machine and then dry it. With rubber teething toys it's easier. Though at the same time I think eco cotton and wood is more safe then rubber since I can be sure in the used material for production. And safety of my princess is everything for me.
Do Eco Living
Jessica Weinsburg , Thank you very much for your reply. We appreciate that you understand the significance of material of toys for babies. Hope to see you again at our toy store.
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