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Meet Haba Blocks Set at DoEcoLiving

We present you a unique toy for your child - Basic Starter Haba Blocks Set from the world famous manufacturer, the company HABA. Products of this brand are successfully sold in 52 countries of the world. In these countries, 9,500 specialized stores are located.

Unique blocks set features from Haba

The main feature of the brand’s products is that they are made from natural, environmentally friendly materials. Most game sets are made from beech wood.

Such a wooden blocks set will surely become your child’s best childhood toy. With help of it children can develop creativity and build anything that comes on their minds.

Details of Haba wood blocks

The game set consists of 26 beech blocks of different shapes. Contents include: 6 square blocks, 10 rectangular blocks, 4 triangles, 2 bridges and 4 round columns. All these figures will make the game incredibly interesting. Every wooden block is carefully polished; there is no paint on it so the set is absolutely safe.  

If you love Montessori parenting then this set is a perfect Montessori-friendly toy. Don’t wait! It’s time to order Haba blocks at DoEcoLiving!

Customer reviews
Helen H
really really cool toy. Me and my kids adore it, especially taking into account that I try to follow Montessori methodic so I think it's a great choice.
I think it's great to offer a child traditional play - no lights or music that simply frustrates the child. Even no bright colors are great too. I love this toy - try to chose such kind to give my child good childhood. delivery was about 4 days.
gina bush
This is a great toy for a toddler. He loves it. Very old-school.
Marten Jagt
Gave this to my 17 month old nephew and he was immediately interested in it.
Laura Neet
Perfect for our 18 month old to play with. I like that there aren't branded logos on every block. Only one in the whole set.
I bought basic starter blocks for my grandkids when they come over to visit. We have hours of fun at all age levels.
Nancy Yellow
Haba wood blocks are absolutely safe. I use it with all my children.
Bobby Tyrrell
Looks awesome. Can't wait to build them with my son
That's what I call a real safe toy. Wooden, no paints. Thank you for fats and free delivery. Sometimes I faced that free is not that fast, but here it's not that case.
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