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Bi-Plane - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

Bi-Plane - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

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It’s so exciting to be a pilot of your own small plane, to have a chance to fly to any part of the world whenever you want it. Probably many adult people dream so. But unfortunately it is not that easy to come true in the real life. Wood Tricks 3d bi-plane puzzle is a chance to turn your dream into reality!  It is a realistic and detailed mechanical wooden model of a little cool puzzle plane for teens and adults.

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  • Material:

    High-quality plywood; no glue or cutting required

  • Model's dimension, l*w*h:

    5. x 11.0 x 12.0 in

  • Weight of the package:

    1.7 lb

  • Complexity of assembly


  • Assembly time

    3 hours

  • Quantity of parts

    148 pieces model kits

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    This perfect bi-plane toy will satisfy your passion to the sky! This unique wooden 3d model will give you a chance to collect and be an owner of a little bi-plane. That way you can feel yourself not only a pilot, but an engineer that creates flight machines!

    Just think about next advantages of mechanical 3d plane:

    it’s mechanical – so it actually moves;
    for 100% done from eco-safe wood;
    vintage model design makes it almost antique;
    it can help open your child’s potential talent for aviation or aerospace engineering.
    You won’t need anything additional since Wood tricks thought over everything to the smallest details. Due to the special design every part of the 3d puzzle plane fits into each other without glue or any other tools.

    So don’t lose time and get this great wooden plane puzzle for kids and adults today to have a chance to collect it together with your child tomorrow. Who knows, may be with the help of our mechanical bi-plane your child will become the one, who will create new flight technologies in future!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Emma Grey
Bi-Plane - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

My dad starting doing these wooden models as a hobby. When we bought the firts model we were not sure if he will like it, but he actually did. So this is the 5th puzzle we got him for Christmas. He says that among all producers of 23d wooden puzzled this one is the best and we believe him

John Kindley
Bi-Plane - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

Fun from start to finish. Had no problems and parts fit just great. ut opened our eyes on one thing: we never knew that toothpicks could be used as dowels. Overall it;s a 4 star toy)

Bi-Plane - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

My sweatheart got this airplane for me as a gift since I love puzzles. At first, I was skeptical of how well the pieces would punch out and how they would assemble without glue. I was blown away!! The quality of the product seems to be top notch. It helped to take a small razor blade along the piece outlines prior to punching them out, but I had no issues with the wood tearing out or chipping. The pieces are a tight fit but the provided wax helps and it leads to a very sturdy build. I got to the end of the build and realized that the set included a spare parts sheet of some of the pieces that were most difficult to assemble. The foresight to include duplicates of those pieces most likely to be broken speaks to the thought this company has for providing a great experience! Can’t wait to buy more sets as this kept both of us entertained for a week when working on it in the evenings!

Bi-Plane - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

I love collecting wooden models. Now I found a nice way to unite my hobby with kid's game-play. they assemble it and I add it to my models collection. Nice hit for 2 goals at one time

Bi-Plane - 3D Mechanical Puzzle WOOD TRICK

After assembly, the plane decorated the husband’s desktop in the office